All About the Benjamins
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Reggie: You don't have a forehead... you have a five-head.

Bucum: There's a whole lotta money out there. All I gotta do is put my name on it.

Bucum: Reggie, I love you. But I gotta take you in.
Reggie: Come on, man.

Bucum: Punk-ass Mini-Me.

Bucum: Bling, bling, motherfucker.

Bucum: Now I believe you about the missing wallet, but the lotto, Uh-uh.

Continuity mistake: When Bucum is in the trailer at the beginning of the film, and the woman starts shooting at him with a shotgun, he runs and dives through a window. Before he dived through the window he had his pistol drawn. But when he's flying through the window, you can see it in the holster on his leg.

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