Neighbors (1981)

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Other mistake: After Earl and Vic tangle in the swamp, Earl staggers back to his house to discreetly use the basement shower, where he is shocked to find Vic already there and waiting for him, hiding in the dark behind the shower curtain. Both men are literally covered from head to toe in thick, muddy muck from the swamp. but there is no trace of mud (handprints, smears, etc) on the shower curtain nor in the clean, white shower; and, when Earl manages to chase Vic out of the basement, he leans heavily on the door for a moment after slamming it, which should have left a huge, muddy print on the door's clean, white surface. But, as Earl steps away, there is no muddy print on the door at all. (00:38:57 - 00:39:42)

Charles Austin Miller

Visible crew/equipment: When the families are eating dinner, Ramona says that John Belushi tried to pork her. When she says that line a boom mic appears in shot, above her head. Also, when Vic is talking about where he got the food, the boom pole is visible at the top right of the screen.

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Pa Greavy: Well, I hear you got a whore in there.
Earl Keese: Who told you that?
Pa Greavy: That's what I heard.
Earl Keese: Well, you heard wrong.
Pa Greavy: You ain't got a whore in there?
Earl Keese: No.
Pa Greavy: Wouldn't know where I could find one?
Earl Keese: Of course not.
Pa Greavy: One shows up, let me know?

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Trivia: Near the end of the film, John Belushi is watching TV and a commercial for Spruce Hill Funeral Home is playing. The voice narrating the commercial is that of the film's co-star Dan Aykroyd. (01:25:10)

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