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Leprechaun is the first in a short series of movies where the angry sprite is looking for all of its gold, and is willing to kill for it. Jennifer Aniston is an upset teen girl named Terri who has an once of brains and decides that she's had enough of this macabre prankster. Warwick Davis is hardly recognizable. One liners and awful effects barely make this a shlocky fest. You have been warned.

Erik M.

Revealing mistake: The 'bear trap' clearly has no spikes in it, so how could it have wounded Nathan. This is ever so clear when Tori prises the bear trap open to get his leg out, and it snaps back. (00:52:00)

Hamster Premium member

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Question: What exactly is the curse that the leprechaun places on the well? He only says that he curses the well until he finds his magic that breaks the spell, but never specifies what the curse is.

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