Revealing mistake: The 'bear trap' clearly has no spikes in it, so how could it have wounded Nathan. This is ever so clear when Tori prises the bear trap open to get his leg out, and it snaps back. (00:52:00)

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Revealing mistake: After the Leprechaun kills Mrs. O'Grady, she is leaned up against a table. After Mr. O'Grady shoots the Leprechaun, he walks over, past his dead wife, who clearly blinks. (00:07:40)

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Revealing mistake: Near the end of the film, when the people are in the house fighting the Leprechaun, one of the characters is using a shotgun. The Leprechaun rides up and down a hallway on a skateboard and the character with the shotgun shoots at him, missing not only the Leprechaun, but everything else as well. Unless he was using a round full of confetti that I've never heard of, he should be shooting the wall and everything else in sight, yet nothing at all is hit. (01:06:50)

Revealing mistake: When Tori and others are fighting the leprechaun in the kitchen the wall phone rings and she picks up the hand set. It's the leprechaun on the line and in fear and anger, she slams the hand set back in place and tears the entire phone off the wall. As the phone rips away, it's obvious there is no phone line connector on the wall, only a nail the phone was hanging on.

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Revealing mistake: Just before the leprauchan claws out the eye from the police officer's corpse, the corpse's eyelid moves.


Revealing mistake: The clover patch is obviously just a green light being shone on the dirt. (01:16:15)

Continuity mistake: After Nathan pours the gasoline and throws the match in the well, we see a canister and shotgun sitting by well. But when the well explodes, they've disappeared. (01:23:50)

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Question: What exactly is the curse that the leprechaun places on the well? He only says that he curses the well until he finds his magic that breaks the spell, but never specifies what the curse is.

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