The Hudsucker Proxy

Sidney Mussburger's attempts to discredit Norville in the public's eyes result in Norville being cahsed by an angry mob and sanitarium workers. Norville makes it to the Hudsucker building, where he goes up to his office and climbs out onto the window ledge, as was shown in the beginning. He changes his mind about jumping, though, and tries to go back inside, but the creepy man who scrapes names off windows locks him out (on purpose). Norville slips and falls, but the African American man who manages the clock shoves his broom between the gears so time stops before Norville hits the ground. The creepy man and the clock man get into a fight as Norville (suspended in the air) is visited by Waring Hudsucker's ghost. Hudsucker tells Norville to read the blue letter he never actually got around to delivering; in it he made his last request, that all of his money should go to the next president of Hudsucker Industries. Creepy man starts up time again but it's stopped by the clock man just before Norville hits the ground. When Norville finally (and safely) makes it to the ground he gets together with Amy Archer and Mussburger goes to the sanitarium. Later he invents the frisbee, and remains the successful president of Hudsucker Industries.


Continuity mistake: After Norville is punched by the Finnish stockholder, Amy walks in to see Norville holding an ice pack over a red mark on the side of his head. Part way through the scene, the red mark is gone.


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Norville: You know, for kids.

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