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The Good Girl (2002)

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Corrected entry: When Justine and her lover leave the motel room and see her husband's van, the front of the van is facing the road. However, when we see the flashback from her husband's friend saying he followed her to the motel, he parks the car facing the room.

Correction: When Justine and Holden leave the motel room they do not see her husband's van. She sees her husband's friend's white truck. And as far as I can tell from watching both scenes, the truck is parked facing the same direction both times.

Corrected entry: When Justine is in Phil's friend Bubba's house, the Texas flag against the wall is upside down.

Correction: This may be on purpose, to reflect a certain sentiment ...

Visible crew/equipment: Several shots in the movie show an employee in a manager's booth giving announcements over the store loudspeaker. In virtually every different shot you can see the camera reflected in the glass of the manager's booth.

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Justine: I thought if I died today what would happen to me? A hateful girl... A selfish girl... An adulteress... A liar.

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Trivia: The nurse in the doctor's office when Phil goes in to test his sperm is also in the scene as an employee when the store sees on the TV that Holden has died.

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Question: Is there any significance to Justine looking almost the same - wearing a jacket over jeans, with her hair tied back - for much of the movie?

Answer: I would say her similar clothing style represents that although she wanted her life to change, it never did, and she ultimately remained stuck in her never-ending routine, always looking the same, never moving forward in a new direction.

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