The Odyssey

Audio problem: When Tiresias describes Scylla to Odysseus he states, "She lurks in the shadows, hoping to fill her belly." However, when he says, "hoping to fill her belly," his lips don't match what he is saying.

Audio problem: When the men are escaping from the cave, the cyclops yells "Where are you?" and pounds his hands on the ground, but the sounds that are heard don't match him pounding the ground.

Audio problem: The exact same sound of someone yelling "Bring the grain" or "Where would you like these sacks of grain?" can repeatedly be heard inside the Ithacan palace throughout the movie.

Audio problem: In the cyclops' cave, Odysseus tells his men to get the wine so that they can trade it for water, but when he does this, his lips don't move.

Audio problem: When Odysseus signals his men to leave the Trojan horse, he says "Drop the rope" and his lips don't match his dialogue.

Audio problem: When Telemachus comes to Sparta, Menelaus asks "Who is this boy my son brings?". Someone then replies "Telemachus of Ithaca highness" but his lips are out of sync when he says this.

Audio problem: After Hector has challenged Achilles, his lips keep moving but no sound is heard.

Audio problem: Having just captured the pig, the soldier with a knife says "I'll stop your squealing" but his lips don't move.

Audio problem: As the sailors are all running back to the ship from the cyclops' island, Eumaeus yells "What happened?", and his lips do not move.

Audio problem: At the very beginning of the film, when Odysseus is running to his wife at Ithaca, we hear him breathing rapidly. His breaths does not match his mouth.

Audio problem: After the Cyclops finishes drinking wine, he throws the bowl back at Odysseus. In that shot you can hear the sound of it hitting him and falling to the ground. But the bowl doesn't actually hit him until the next shot.

Continuity mistake: When Elpenor says "We will not reach Ithaca without you" Odysseus replies "Yes you will" and hugs him. In that shot Odysseus' right hand is on Elpenor's back, but in the next as Odysseus says "It is I who am lost" his hand is on Elpenor's head.

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Tiresias: It is the journey itself that makes up your life.

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Trivia: The makers placed an animatronic head over a sumo wrestler's body to create the cyclops.

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Question: At the beginning of the movie, when the men are boarding the ship, a line of sailors are marching single file, nodding their heads up and down and chanting "Ahh-ah, ah-ooh" repeatedly. What are they doing this for?

Answer: It's a marching chant, sort of like an ancient version of the marching music we have now.


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