City by the Sea

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, when Joey Nova is trying to get out of town, he sells his football ring to the drug dealer, but in the final scene he is clearly shown wearing the ring when he points the gun at his father.

Factual error: The boardwalk is twice as wide as the real Long Beach boardwalk. The ramps on the real Long Beach boardwalk run parallel to the boardwalk. The movie's boardwalk ramps run perpendicular to the boardwalk.

Factual error: Robert De Niro's son hides out in the burnt out casino on the boardwalk. There is no casino on the Long Beach boardwalk.

Continuity mistake: In a scene near the end of the movie, when Robert De Niro is shot he is shot in one arm but in the next scene they show him shot in the other arm.

Continuity mistake: When Vincent drives to the boardwalk after his partner is killed, he is driving a dark blue car. When he leaves the boardwalk to visit the widow, his car is gold.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Joey is arrested, they handcuff him. When the police pulls him on his feet, you can see that the handcuffs are not on, but the officer is just holding them. (01:36:05)

Michelle: He's got to choose who he wants to be.
Vincent LaMarca: Yeah, you think we got a choice? Nah, we just pretend that we got a choice.

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