Ruthless People

Corrected entry: When Bette Midler is reading the newspaper down in the basement and watching TV at the same time, the guy on TV says that the bedroom killer strikes again. And on the back of the newspaper it says the bedroom killer strikes again. If it just happened how could it be in that paper.

Correction: Easy. The killer strikes late in the evening or at night, and the body is discovered before the 5.00am deadline most afternoon newspapers use, so the story makes the papers. The story is also reported on television throughout the day, and of course it features in that evening's news bulletin.

Corrected entry: When Danny DeVito goes to the morgue to see if the body they found matches his wife's (Midler). He goes and sees this body and he says it looks like her, a lot like her. And she looks nothing like Bette Midler.

Correction: He doesn't want his wife back, so by falsely IDing the body, the police stop searching. It doesn't matter if they look alike.


Corrected entry: At the end, the cops are chasing Judge Reinhold and chase him from downtown L.A. to the Santa Monica pier. He escapes by driving the car into the water and letting the body of the Bedroom Killer, who'd died in his house, be "switched" for his. Only problem is, as soon as anyone did an autopsy, they would've been able to tell that he was dead before he hit the water, therefore not the guy the cops were chasing.

Correction: By the time that the cops discovered this, they would be long gone so it really doesn't matter.

Factual error: Barbara befriends her kidnappers in her joy over losing 20 pounds while she was with them. Leaving aside that she's been with them no more than two weeks, and it's near impossible to lose 20 pounds in that short amount of time even if you literally starved yourself; she also most definitely would have noticed a weight loss that big. On a frame as small as hers, she would have noticed big differences in her body's shape and feel, and none of her clothes would have fit. (01:00:00)

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Ken Kessler: Sandy, it's over. Sam isn't going to pay the ransom, he couldn't care less. I'm no criminal. I can't even sell retail, and that's legal.

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Question: If Barbara had a dog named Muffy then how come she didn't speak about it the whole film? Didn't she even think about wanting her dog back if she decides to stay with the kidnappers?


Answer: So she's more concerned about her own life than the life of the dog. Or since she believes that her husband "worships the ground I walk on," she probably takes for granted that her husband will take care of the dog. Or she does talk about it but it's not important to the plot.

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