Eight Legged Freaks
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Ashley Parker: Mom, I am not you! I'm not gonna get pregnant at 16. I'm not gonna stay here for the rest of my life and be a trailer trash sheriff.
Sheriff Sam Parker: Thanks for the flashback. I really didn't deserve that.

Chris McCormick: I got a signal.
Harlan: That's great. Now, how about dialing.

Deputy Pete: They're not aliens, they're spiders mutated by contaminated waste.
Harlan: That's probably a more logical explanation.

Larry: Dude, did you piss your pants?
Bret: Come on, we got to go! We got to get out of here! They're coming.
Randy: Looks like the only thing going is you, dude.

Harlan: That's the one who busted up my trailer.
Chris McCormick: Shh.
Harlan: I bet you he's their leader.

Harlan: Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean people aren't following me.

Mike: Mom, are you there?
Sheriff Sam Parker: Yea, Mike. Is everything okay?
Mike: Don't make any movements or noises. There's a giant tarantula headed your way.
Sheriff Sam Parker: Copy that.

Randy: She is the sexist sheriff in the whole country.

Mike: Take these, you'll need them.
Chris McCormick: Perfume?
Mike: Well, spiders have a highly developed sense of smell. The perfume might confuse them.
Harlan: Great, if we die, we die smelling nice.

Joshua's Parrot: I see dead people, I see dead people.
Joshua: He likes that movie, dunno why.

Mike: No one's going to believe me, cause I'm a kid, and they never listen to kids.

Harlan: There's no way you're telling me that thing back there is from Earth.
Chris McCormick: All right! They're spiders from Mars! You happy?
Harlan: No.

Sheriff Sam Parker: So you're trying to tell me that a giant spider ate Gladys?

Continuity mistake: When the townsman flees the Diner and gets into his car to flee, the front car window is wound up. The next shot of his face clearly shows the window wound down yet his hands have been busy starting the car all the time. (01:01:10)

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Trivia: If a tarantula were to ever grow to the gargantuan size that it does in this film, it would resemble a huge furball. The filmmakers were aware of this, but for obvious reasons decided to tone down the amount of hair. (00:56:35)

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Question: Do the spiders grow big because of the food that they are fed, or because of the chemicals spilled in the water?

Answer: Both! The owner of the spider farm was feeding the spiders bugs from the water that had the chemical spill in it. The bugs were contaminated with the chemical, thus contaminating the spiders. Note: The man who owned the spider farm had no idea about the contaminated water.


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