Eight Legged Freaks

Corrected entry: When Brett's biker friend is attacked, he is tackled from the front, yet in the next shot the spider has him pinned on his back.

Correction: Being tackled from the front will put you on your back.

Corrected entry: At several points where town's folk are being chased in the mine, Chris mentions that the smallest spark will cause a devastating explosion. He then proceeds to take the motorcycle to rescue his aunt, and then starts the bike for a quick escape. As soon as the bike starts, they'd all be dead as a spark is needed to ignite the petrol, which would also ignite the methane gas.

Correction: Yes, but the spark to ignite the bike's petrol is contained inside the engine's cylinders (hence the phrase 'internal combustion engine'). For the engine to ignite the methane, some portion of its exterior would have to exceed the auto-ignition temperature of methane, which is over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Not likely.

Rooster of Doom

Corrected entry: In one of the scenes where Chris and Aunt Gladys are seen riding through the mine they are shown exiting it, but after cutting to a different scene they are shown again still riding through the mine and not at the exit yet.

Correction: At one point they are shown riding toward a lighted end of the tunnel, and this is light from outside, but it is only bright relative to the darkness of the tunnel; it's indirect light that has penetrated down the shaft. The observing human eye and camera have compensated for the darkness. They're closer to the exit but never at it until they jump out.


Corrected entry: When the spider farm guy is bitten near the beginning of the film, there are spiders running all over the ceiling before he bangs into any of the spider cases and knocks them over.

Correction: Dozens of spiders escaped before this, and they have been breeding like crazy. You see them climbing out of the gaps in the cage tops.

Corrected entry: At the end, all the spiders are supposedly killed in the explosion, but what about all the trapdoor spiders? They are all underground in the car park and the ostrich farm! They wouldn't have been killed in the explosion.

Correction: The cops and the army came and killed the trapdoor spiders

Corrected entry: When the sheriff's deputy arrives to pick up the sheriff and her family, the spiders start jumping onto the roof as they are leaving. The female sheriff then turns around and shoots one of the spiders with a shotgun. The problem is, the distance she is, I doubt the shotgun would do the kind of damage it did.

Correction: This mistake is only true if the shotgun was loaded with buckshot (very common but not always true). Police and military issue shotguns are often loaded with slugs, which have a much higher range of accuracy due to the fact that they do NOT fragment and spread once fired.

Corrected entry: The tunnels are full of methane gas - no smoking or it will blow. However, you can ride around in the tunnels all day on a motorcycle powered by an internal combustion engine and not explode the gas.

Correction: Note: INTERNAL combustion

Corrected entry: When the mine is exploding near the end, David Arquette says "Goodbye Consuela" (or something to that extent) as he rides out with the giant spider in flames behind him. However, only Mike and the spider shack keeper knew the spider's name. It was mentioned in the beginning of the movie but never said anywhere else.

Correction: Mike is chatty around Chris to begin with, and has plenty of opportunities to tell Chris Consuela's name offscreen. Since he's happy to inform Chris about the species and weaknesses of the spiders at various points, he more than likely passed off the name too - "know your enemy" and all.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the townspeople are fleeing to the mall there is a shot of the Deputy driving the car. You can see the top left hand corner of the windshield is covered in green goo, but when you see them parking the windscreen is completely clean. (01:03:35)

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Trivia: The film originally featured the working title "Arac Attack." ("Arac" being a shortened version of "Arachnid", a class of animals that spiders belong to) However, following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and rising tensions in the Middle East, the original title was dropped in many countries because producers felt "Arac" sounded too similar to "Iraq", and they didn't want to have any social or political implications in the title. (However, the film was released with the original title in some territories).

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Question: Do the spiders grow big because of the food that they are fed, or because of the chemicals spilled in the water?

Answer: Both! The owner of the spider farm was feeding the spiders bugs from the water that had the chemical spill in it. The bugs were contaminated with the chemical, thus contaminating the spiders. Note: The man who owned the spider farm had no idea about the contaminated water.


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