Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

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9. 1/10. My third favorite in the franchise. The idea of Freddy seemingly having beaten Springwood, wiping out all their children is interesting. Then adding the idea he had a daughter makes it even better. Robert Englund delivers yet again as Freddy Krueger. I enjoyed the performance of Lisa Zane as his daughter, viewing her as the best heroine of the franchise. The rest of the cast I disliked especially Lezlie Dean. She seemed like the type who only did the movie to pad her resume. Still it's a fun romp, real good with Englund's last great performance as Freddy to come in Freddy vs Jason in 2003.


Continuity mistake: When Freddy is controlling Spencer in the video game you see from Freddy's view that his legs are crossed on the table. When it cuts to in front of Freddy he has one foot only on the table. (00:42:25)


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Trivia: Producer Robert Shaye has a cameo as the operator selling bus tickets in a booth.

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Question: What were other children singing/chanting when young Freddy used hammer to kill the hamster?

Answer: "Son of a hundred maniacs." Freddy was conceived when his mother, Amanda, was accidentally locked in a ward of violent mental patients and gang raped.

Brian Katcher

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