Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Spencer and Carlos get killed by Freddy in Springwood, and John Doe is knocked out while trying to save spencer. Maggie and Tracy flee Springwood with the still-unconscious John, who is attacked by Freddy. John thinks he's really Freddy's son, and that why he hasn't been killed. He's wrong, and ends up being killed anyway, though not before Freddy reveals that he was using John to lead him to his daughter. Back in the other town, Freddy reveals to Maggie that she's actually his daughter, and now he intends to start his killing spree anew. Maggie then comes up with a plan to pull Freddy into the real world, and she does so. Then she blows him up with a pipe bomb.


Continuity mistake: When Freddy is controlling Spencer in the video game you see from Freddy's view that his legs are crossed on the table. When it cuts to in front of Freddy he has one foot only on the table. (00:42:25)


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Trivia: Robert Englund has stated that out of all of the kills in the entire Nightmare franchise, Carlos' death is his personal favorite.

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Question: What were other children singing/chanting when young Freddy used hammer to kill the hamster?

Answer: "Son of a hundred maniacs." Freddy was conceived when his mother, Amanda, was accidentally locked in a ward of violent mental patients and gang raped.

Brian Katcher

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