Road To Perdition

Factual error: Tom Hanks is driving his car over a bridge in downtown Chicago in 1931. In the background is the elevated train structure. An aluminum bodied train passes on the trestel in the background. This aluminum bodied train is of 1980's contruction. In the 1930's the train cars were of wood construction and painted brown. They were still in service in the 1950's.

Factual error: In the scene when Mike Sullivan is shown sitting in his classroom, the American Flag behind him has 50 stars, which it wouldn't have in the 30's.

Factual error: The film is set in 1931. In several scenes the character of Michael Sullivan Jr. played by Tyler Hoechlin is seen reading a "Lone Ranger" storybook. The Lone Ranger began on radio in January 1933 - print, movie and TV appearances of the character are subsequent to this.

Factual error: In the diner scene, the assassin (Jude Law) pours sugar in his coffee. The bottom of the sugar dispenser is exposed to reveal the bar code label. Bar codes were not used in 1931.

Factual error: If the movie is set during 6 weeks of winter in 1931, then why do we hear the sound of crickets during a couple of night scenes?

Factual error: The second original old song is "Queer Nations" performed by Fletcher Henderson, but this song was recorded in 1934, not '31.

Factual error: Near the end, when Sullivan finally catches up to Connor Rooney and shoots him several times, he does so with a clearly uncocked Colt .45 pistol. These are single-action firearms, they will not fire unless they're cocked first.

Factual error: When Tom Hanks first drives into Chicago among all the 1931 era cars, a giant, modern, swing-arm, stationary crane is reflected in his car window. Also, The reflection of the Sears (Willis) Tower is seen in the car window as they drive along during this same moment, which wasn't started until 1970.

Factual error: In the scene where Michael is going to get John Rooney's jacket, we are introduced to the character Conner Rooney. Notice that Conner is smoking a filtered cigarette. The movie takes place during 1931, but filtered cigarettes were not introduced into the market until 1936. (00:09:20)


Factual error: In the country church where Tom Hanks says a prayer, there is a bible sitting in the middle of the altar instead of the tabernacle. Prior to Vatican II, Catholic churches always placed the tabernacle in the center of the altar with the bible off to the side.

Factual error: Some of the movie was filmed in the Conrad Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago. Only in 1931 this hotel was named "the Stevens". Conrad Hilton purchased this hotel in the 1950's. Look closely and you can read the name "Conrad Hilton" written in script lettering. The lettering is out of focus on the wall in the background so you have to know what to look for.

Factual error: Tom Hanks with his son pulls into the small town, parks diagonally at the curb, tells his son to stay in the car and honk if he sees trouble. He walks to a building, the curb of which at the corner is shallowed to street level for handicap access. Handicap curbs are a modern development, certainly not around in the 1930s.

Factual error: When Tom Hanks is removing his belongings, his son sees him unload a .45 calibre pistol. That type of gun was not available until 1940.

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Suggested correction: Unless you're talking about a different gun, Michael Sullivan uses a Colt M1911A1. The M1911 has always been a .45 caliber weapon. The M1911A1 became available in 1924 (and still a .45).


Suggested correction: The classic shape of the semi-automatic pistol Tom Hanks uses is a 1911 series available in 1911 and onwards adopted by the US Army. In 1924 it was slightly revised and known as the 1911A1 series. Both were double action with 7 round magazines. Either gun looks very similar at a distance and were both available in 1931. has identified the Tom Hanks pistol as a 1911A1. And the same for Daniel Craig's gun.

Continuity mistake: In the end of the diner scene Jude Law fires after the car with Sullivan and his son. A bullet goes through the rear window but not through the windshield. We see the bullet path go by Tom Hanks' head. Regardless, there's no bullet hole anywhere in the car afterwards.

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Suggested correction: There is a bullet hole in the rear view glass.

You're right I see it too the bullet hole is still there.

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Peter Sullivan: Why are you always smiling?
Connor Rooney: 'Cause it's all so fuckin' hysterical.

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Trivia: Anthony LaPaglia shot a scene as Al Capone, which was deleted after it was decided to leave Capone off-screen. As a minor compensation, LaPaglia is listed first in the credits' "special thanks" section.

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Question: What happened to the Aunt that lives at the lake house?

Answer: We never find out. But, if I remember correctly, in the graphic novel, the aunt is killed prior to the (O')Sullivan's arrvial (although not by Maguire; that character was created specifically for the film).

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Answer: My guess is that after she got off the phone with Mike S. She either died or caught wind of what happened to Mike S. Family and hauled ass.

I thought that too. But the dog was left behind.Unless that wasn't their dog.

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