Trivia: In the final scene, when Winston and Julia are playing chess, Winston uses a tactic of going around and hitting from behind. Only minutes later, the news report that Oceanarian forcer defeated Eurasian forces in Africa by using the same tactic. Nothing major but it makes a good point about the rate of citizen monitoring and news manipulation in Oceanaria.

Trivia: Richard Burton was extremely ill throughout most of the shoot. He struggled with his lines and sometimes the producers had to film a scene dozens of times before Burton would get it right. It required 41 takes for Burton to do his speech without messing up his lines in the scene where O'Brien is talking to Winston Smith about Goldstein's book.

Trivia: Annie Lennox, lead singer of the pop group Eurythmics, has a cameo as a woman at the Two Minutes Hate rally.

Audio problem: When Winston says "Bugger." at the start of the film when he has the cigarette in his mouth, his lips are most definitely not in sync with the word. And it even sounds dubbed over.


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O'Brien: If you want a vision of the future, Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.

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