Halloween: Resurrection
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Laurie Strode: You failed, Michael. Want to know why? Because I'm not afraid of you. But what about you? Are you afraid of me? Are you afraid to die, Michael?

Donna Chang: Cameras are so... phallic.
Jim Morgan: Is that good or bad?
Donna Chang: Depends who's watching.

Bill: You know, I think it happened when she was right there. Poor little Judith. Helpless, brushing her hair, young and naked.
Jenna Danzig: Yeah. 'Cause that's gonna happen, right?
Bill: Come on, Jen. One flash and you could light up a thousand computer screens. Launch your whole career.

Rudy Grimes: You want some of this? Huh? You want to try and fucking kill me? Huh? You like sushi, motherfucka?

Sara: Rudy, do you ever think about anything other than food?
Rudy Grimes: Wouldn't you like to know?

Laurie Strode: I knew you'd come for me sooner or later. What took you so long?

Freddie Harris: Fear is good. Fear is what gives us the feeling of being alive.
Sara: Fear makes me want to throw up.

Rudy Grimes: Don't distract me.
Jenna Danzig: Oh, I can't help myself. I am distracting.

Jim Morgan: Say something smart.
Donna Chang: Existence precedes essence.
Jim Morgan: God, you're sexy.

Other mistake: After Michael kills Laurie at the beginning, he hands the knife to the inmate with the clown mask. The next kill is the cameraman for which he uses the tripod ends. A few scenes later they show Michael standing holding a knife with fresh blood on it. He hasn't killed anybody with this knife yet so where did the blood come from?

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Trivia: Throughout the entire film the screams you hear from the girls in the house are exactly identical.

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Answer: We do not know what has become of him. Most likely he is just attending college, and Michael has yet to find him.

He got killed by Michael because the clown mentioned that he killed 4 students that attended Hillcrest Academy. But I don't know.

Answer: I read somewhere that he changed his name to Zeke, or something. Relocated to Ohio, or somewhere. And started dealing drugs at a high school. He also had a thing with his English teacher, she bore a startling resemblance to a Bond henchwoman. He didn't seem to be dating Molly.

Alan Keddie

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