House on Haunted Hill
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Continuity mistake: Frederick picks up a bottle of champagne out of the ice bucket and shakes it a little. As he does this the foil and wire are still on top. He turns and aims the bottle at his wife, then tips it back and the foil has vanished as he now just removes the wire and cork.

House on Haunted Hill mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the severed head in Nora's suitcase has vanished, she shouts for everyone to get out and leave her alone. In the hallway when they disperse, as Loren and then Trent walk past Lance, something that shouldn't be there (it looks like fingers perhaps) pops up into view at the bottom, left corner of the screen. This is clearer in the colorized version of the film. (00:49:00)

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Factual error: As Frederick is explaining to his guests how to use their .45 automatics, he fires one round at a near-by vase, shattering it. However, it leaves no bullet hole in the wall directly behind the vase.

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Question: If Frederick picked the party members himself, without his wife's input, how did Dr. Trent (spoiler alert, his wife's lover) manage to get Frederick to pick him?

Chosen answer: Frederick knew that Trent was his wife's lover. That's why Trent was invited. The party was supposed to be an opportunity for Frederick to take revenge.

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