Continuity mistake: When Harrison Ford is on the rooftop and the suitcase accidentally opens, the Statue of Liberty goes flying off the rooftop and on to the ground, several stories down. In the next shot, the little statue is perched at the edge of the rooftop.

Other mistake: When Walker and Michelle fall down the steps at Dede's apartment, Walker lights a match to show Michelle the matchbook. The light from the match flickers on their faces but if you watch closely you can see the match go out as soon as Walker strikes it. (00:54:45)

Continuity mistake: Midway through his shave, Dr. Walker is interrupted by the bell of his hotel room. The blobs of shaving cream on his chest change from the shot in the hotel room to the next shot in the hallway.

Lynette Carrington

Other mistake: As Harrison Ford goes to grab the chimney as he is falling off the rooftop, notice the way the chimney bounces around, like rubber.

Continuity mistake: When Dr. and Mrs. Walker arrive at their hotel room in Paris, Dr. Walker throws his jacket on the very corner of the bed. Throughout the next several scenes, the jacket position changes.

Lynette Carrington

Plot hole: While Harrison Ford is taking a shower shortly after arriving at the hotel, the 'bad guys' kidnap his wife from the hotel room. How did they know she was the one who had picked up the wrong suitcase (which contains what they are after) at the airport? They could only have assumed that. And the suitcase they were after was in the room so why didn't they just take it?

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Suggested correction: Ford himself explains how they know she picked up the wrong suitcase. Emmanuelle Seigneur grabs Ford's wife's suitcase by mistake, and puts it in the locker to be collected by the bad guys. The bad guys then go to the locker and get the suitcase - only to discover it's the wrong one. Ford specifically mentions her name and address tag is on her bag, so they see that, and immediately know who to look for.


But, why did they have to kidnap her? They could just take the suitcase and leave her alone. They came all the way to her room but not looking for the suitcase?

Good point, but that still doesn't explain why they simply didn't take the case from the hotel room instead of kidnapping Mrs Walker and holding her ransom for it. Suggested answer - they wouldn't have been able to make a movie out of it.

Richard Walker: This is an emergency. Do you understand?
U.S. Security Officer: Yes sir, I do.
Richard Walker: You understand but you don't give a damn? Is that it?

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Trivia: The taxi driver who hands over the matches to Harrison Ford is the film's director, Roman Polanski.

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