Larry Millard is fiancing the hostage takeover,Foster Deroy is the inside man,Oswald 'Ozzie' Paxton detonates a device directly beneath the school's swimming pool which drains away into the tunnels the kidnappers are using, sweeping them all away except Rafe Bentley who escapes in a all terrain vehicle, taking Melissa Randall with him.'Ozzie'& Richard 'K-Dog' give chase in a dune buggy and catch up to Rafe and after a shoot out pursuit Ozzie rescues his little stepsister before sending an now out of control Rafe straight down an open sewage outlet pipe.Rafe is left sinking to the bottom of the cesspool of raw sewage desperatley trying to rescue his ransom money that's gone down with his all terran vehicle


Revealing mistake: When Oz goes to hack into the Scream 2 website, the exact same footage of him inserting the "custom" disk is used when he hacks into the security system - same red light, same angle, even same PC tower.

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Maloney: I've got the rear.
Ozzie: Truer words were never spoken.

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