Super Mario Bros.

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Of all the movies that have attempted to adapt a video game and failed, Super Mario Bros has got to be the biggest failure of them all. The more and more I watched of this movie, the more I felt my childhood being destroyed.

This movie fails on every single frontier an adaptation could possibly fail on. Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo are completely miscast (apparently they were drunk while filming), the bright and colourful world of the games are replaced with a dark, ugly Blade Runner style city, I resented virtually every single character, the direction is flat and devoid of a shred of creativity, it has one of the worst scripts of all time, I cringed at every single attempt this movie made to create mythology in its world and the attempts at trying to reference the games (cough Yoshi, cough Toad) almost broke me. No joke!

Avoid this movie at all costs! It is not worth the time.

Casual Person

Character mistake: After Spike comes out of the evolution device, he asks Iggy "Do you know what the square root of 26481 is?" And then answers "191". 191 squared is actually 36481. (00:47:20)


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Luigi Mario: Nothing's impossible, you just gotta believe.

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Trivia: Near the end of the movie when the Bob-omb is walking upsidedown, look at its feet during the close-up. There is a Reebok symbol and the English flag.

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