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Corrected entry: At the very end, when Sue is walking towards Carrie's grave site to place flowers on the grave, a car in the distance crosses an intersection backwards, giving away the method used to create the weird walk - playing the film in reverse.

Correction: Sue visiting the grave site is a dream sequence that is intended to have a very surreal dreamlike quality to it. The car going backwards is one of the small hints to the audience that this sequence is just part of Sue's subconscious, and is not really happening at all.

Correction: Well, yeah. I flinch, too, when something is flying at my face.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Carrie is looking at herself in the mirror in her room, the glass smashes and you see the fragments fall on the dressing table. On this dressing table there is a night light figure of Holy Mary holding baby Jesus and it has clearly been broken. Later in the scene, you see the night light again and it is intact.

Correction: I looked very carefully, and at no point in the scene is Carrie's night light broken.

Corrected entry: When the gym teacher is yelling at the girls while they are lined up, she looks at one of the girls and calls her Kate; however, during the rest of the movie, she is called Helen.

Correction: There are a number of girls behind Helen, and the teacher could be speaking to any one of them. Helen could have reacted simply because the teacher was right in front of her when she said "Katie".

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, when Carrie has killed her mother with the knives, Carrie pulls one knife out that was keeping her mum's right arm pinned to the wooden frame. Then Carrie yanks the other hand out, before she pulls her into the closet. As she yanks this arm off, you can hear that this noise doesn't sound what it should sound like, sounding more like a cork being pulled out of a wine bottle. (01:28:30)

Correction: That really is what it's supposed to sound like; a knife being pulled out of wood. It's because of the type of wood and the way the knife is pulled out that gives off that sound.

Corrected entry: During the film you see tons of images of the "crucified Jesus",Carrie's mother going door to door to evangelize people and at the end making the sign of the cross with a butcher knife before she goes to kill Carrie. Only one problem. Catholics don't evangelize so how could Carrie's mother be Catholic?

Leonard Hassen

Correction: Carrie's mother is an extreme fanatic and mentally disturbed. Clearly she doesn't follow the traditional rules of any branch of Christianity like normal people would.


Corrected entry: When Sue and Tommy are talking to Miss Collins about Tommy taking Carrie to the prom, in one shot, when they are seated, 1. Sue's bag strap falls off her shoulder 2. Tommy and Sue are seated far apart. Then in the next shot, Sue's bag strap is back on her shoulder, and they are both sitting side by side.

Correction: There is a long shot of Mrs. Collins before these two shots, so there is enough time for Sue to put the strap back on her shoulder, and for them to move closer to each other.

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Corrected entry: Another scene that runs backwards is when Carrie walks out of the flame-filled gymnasium. The billowing smoke that should be pouring out of the gym appears on-screen to be going in towards the gym.

Correction: No, it's not. Watch the flames. They're going upward. Plus, as the doors open and Carrie walks out, smoke comes out of the doors. Toward the end of the shot, some smoke moves left-to-right from out of the frame, but because it's more visible on the left side, it may look as though it's going into the door. The whole shot, like many in this scene, is in slow motion, which makes some of the motion look peculiar.

Corrected entry: When Carrie is walking home in the dark, covered in blood, Chris and her boyfriend are heading towards her in their car, ready to run her over. Carrie turns around and causes their car to tip, roll over and burst into flames. As the car is rolling with flames covering it, a tyre rolls past. You'd think it would be from that car, but as the tyre rolls past you can see that there are four tires still on the car.

Correction: This is actually the spare tyre. As the car rolls to its side, and explodes, the spare tyre flies off, and rolls off down the road.

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Continuity mistake: Billy Nolan's 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS changes to a 1967 Pontiac Firebird with a black vinyl roof, then back to the Chevelle SS as Carrie overturns it. (01:17:50 - 01:21:10)

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Question: Did Tommy die? If so, did his body get burned up?

Answer: He did die in the end when the mother sue was on the phone she mentions "losing tommy and the others" or something like that.

Answer: Most likely he did die. After Carrie set the gym on fire, she walked out and locked the gym doors behind her so that no one could escape, leaving Tommy to die too.

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