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Corrected entry: As the attack commences, USS Cassidy's temporary skipper, LTJG McConnell, instructs engineering to "light off all four boilers", and to prepare to get underway. Within minutes, the ship is moving, however, bringing a head of steam up from cold boilers takes almost an hour. The Cassidy, ostensibly a Clemson-class vessel only had four boilers.

Correction: If you pay attention, Cassidy was moored to a buoy in the channel and was not receiving shore services (fresh water, steam, electricity, etc). As she had electrical power, and hotel services (crew habitability), at least one of her boilers was therefore already online. The ship can move (as described) on the steam pressure from one boiler, but full power requires all four.

Corrected entry: During the dinner, Henry Fonda reads a telegram promoting John Wayne to Rear Admiral Lower half. In Fonda's study he gives Wayne a 2 star pin that Wayne wears for the rest of the movie. A 2 star pin is used for Rear Admiral upper half. Only one star is used for lower half.


Correction: Before 1981 rear admiral upper and lower half, both wore 2 stars so this was correct for World War 2.

Corrected entry: Initially Captain Tory has his promotion orders read at a party (read by Henry Fonda who is presumed to be Admiral Chester Nimitz. He is temporarily promoted to Rear Admiral Lower Half (which is a 1 Star rank). When he arrives at his duty assignment he is wearing 2 stars which is a Rear Admiral Upper Half.

Correction: In WW2 2 star was a rear admiral.

To clarify the correction, it wasn't until 1981 that the rank rear admiral lower half were given 1 star.


Corrected entry: Early in the film Commander Eddington's wife drunkenly leaps out of the car driven by Hugh O'Brian and runs into the ocean naked. She is empty handed and was not seen carrying anything throughout all of the previous dancing scenes. Yet, the next morning on the beach she is seen opening her purse putting on makeup. Where did the purse come from?


Correction: When she gets out of the car and starts to unzip her dress she is carrying a small purse in her right hand.

Corrected entry: As USS Cassidy is breaking out of Pearl Harbor, the ship's captain and XO are chasing her in a launch. The view of the launch from the bridge is interrupted by a twin 5"38 mount rotating back and forth. Unfortunately, every other view of the USS Cassidy reveals that her stern mount is a single 5-incher.


Correction: This in incorrect. All guns seen in this shot are also seen prior to her getting underway in Pearl Harbor. There is a 5" single gun mount at the stern, but there is also a twin, open mount between the rear turret and the bridge and that is what is seen traversing through the shot.

Corrected entry: When Kirk Douglas boards the PBJ bomber, taxies to the runway and takes off, he is sitting in the right-hand seat. During the rest of his scene in the plane he's in the left-hand seat.

Correction: This error is untrue. Eddington remains in the right seat even to the point his right bloodied cheek hits the right windshield as the plane explodes.

Factual error: The San Francisco house that Paula Prentiss leaves in order to catch the trolley to meet with her husband Tom Tryon's arriving ship is located on the corner of Lombard and Hyde Street. Famous for being the most crooked street in the world, is a mile and a half from the piers. In a later scene they are indoors when Tom Tryon pulls a shade down, you can see the San Francisco Bay Bridge and piers just below. This view would mean the house has moved to San Francisco's Telegraph Hill, the only location with such a clear view of the bridge, which is quite a distance away from the house's original location.

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cincpac II: Well, we gave him the molasses. Now let's feed him the sulfur.

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Question: After promotion, Captain Torrey (O-6) is offered his "lucky stars" (O-7) by 4-star Admiral Fonda. In subsequent shots Admiral Torrey is wearing 2 stars (O-8, of an upper half Rear Admiral) - jumping the lower half (1 star, O-7) admirals. When does this ever happen?

Answer: One Star rank wasn't formalized until 1943. Rear Admiral lower and upper wore the same 2-stars.

Answer: After WWII, the one star was discontinued until recent years when the rear admiral lower half was formalized with one star.

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