Trivia: Kaneda once makes a remark about Kei's relationship with Ryu. In the original comic, Ryu is Kei's older brother.

Trivia: The movie takes place in 2019, and features an Olympic stadium in Neo-Tokyo. Material in the film also hints that Neo-Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympic games. In real life, Tokyo will indeed be hosting the 2020 Olympic games.


Trivia: The film is notable for having two separate English dubs. An initial dub was created by Streamline in 1988 for the film's North American release on VHS and on limited screens. 13 years later, distributor Pioneer paid a hefty $1 million to have the film remastered and redubbed for its North American DVD release.


Trivia: When it was first released, cinematic legends Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were approached to assist in bringing the film to the US. While both loved the film (Spielberg has cheekily referred to Kaneda's red motorcycle as his "favorite Japanese animated character"), both also felt that it was too niche and unique to appeal to American audiences. Their refusal to take part in its American release are part of what inspired original distributor Streamline Pictures to purchase the rights to the film - they wanted to prove Spielberg and Lucas wrong.


Trivia: While the vast majority of the film was achieved through traditional hand-drawn animation, the film does contain a smattering of CGI effects and computer-augmented animation. The most noticeable effect being the doctor's computer, which projects a strange, spherical-like reading that was produced digitally.


Trivia: The movie came out two full years before the manga that inspired it ended. As a result, the ending of the anime and the ending of the manga differ greatly.


Continuity mistake: When Kaneda shoots Tetsuo with his laser gun, it makes a hole on his shirt. In the next scenes, the hole is gone.

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Kiyoko: The future is not a straight line. It is filled with many crossroads. There must be a future that we can choose for ourselves.

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