Revealing mistake: When Peter Parker first discovers he can climb up walls (while in citizen clothing), he tests it out by climbing up a building in an alley. During this scene, you can clearly see his clothes hanging out forwards, indicating that the scene was filmed with him crawling along a floor horizontally. (00:24:50)

Spider-Man mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Peter is jumping from building to building after he first learns he has powers, you can see that he is jumping over the same alley over and over, only taken at different angles. The clotheslines (and the shadow of them on the wall) is a good pointer. (00:25:10)

Revealing mistake: Flash attacks Peter in the school's hallway. We are supposed to witness Peter's incredible speed in one shot, as he dodges a punch in slow motion. Flash's bracelet, however, is motionless. The speed of the punch would throw it back and forth, as it does throughout the rest of the scene. (00:23:50)

Revealing mistake: After rescuing Mary Jane and leaving her at the church, Spider-Man apparently uses a trampoline to jump off the ledge - he jumps up onto something before springing off. Mary Jane then runs forward and clambers around something to get close to the edge. (01:07:40)

Revealing mistake: When the Green Goblin attacks J. Jonah Jameson at the office, Spider-Man shows up. Goblin turns his glider to face his nemesis. If you look closely, you can tell that it is a rotating rig, and that the film was sped up. Goblin's body shifts abruptly while he turns, and the fire in the background is moving too quickly to be at normal speed. (01:15:20)

Revealing mistake: When Peter catches MJ's falling lunch, the apple lands on its side and doesn't move at all, despite it being round and the tray being moved about so abruptly. Blatantly glued down. (00:22:10)

Revealing mistake: During the final fight with the Goblin, Spider-Man is up against the wall and the Goblin goes to stab him with his "quad bladed knife". Spider-Man grabs 2 of the blades and while pushing back you can see all 4 ends of the blades vibrating up and down as if they were made out of rubber. (01:46:55)


Revealing mistake: Peter Parker climbs his first wall in an alleyway. Look carefully at his shadow - it is directly in front of him on the wall the whole time, indicating that he is being lit from directly behind. The only thing behind him is the opposite wall. The only possible light sources would be from the opening of the alleyway (which would have cast a long shadow to his left) or from above (which would have cast a long shadow behind him). (00:24:50)

Revealing mistake: In the final punch-up, shortly before Osborn reveals himself, Peter pulls the Goblin to his feet and pushes him against a large foot/foot and a half thick brick wall, which wobbles. (01:43:20)

Jon Sandys Premium member

Revealing mistake: After Spider-Man rescues MJ from the collapsing balcony we see a close-up where MJ is smiling over his shoulder. Pay close attention to Spider-Man here. He is a mannequin. (01:10:05)

Revealing mistake: When Norman awakes and throws his assistant into the equipment, you can see it is the assistant's stuntman, as when he is thrown, he has black hair, and the real assistant has brownish-grayish hair. (00:17:40)

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie, when Peter is placing Dr. Osborn on the couch after he died, as Peter is lowering him, Dr. Osborn's hand changes from being stiff to the hand moving to help being put down. While it's possible it was a natural reflex, I don't think that they are able to help lower themselves with their own hand. Dr. Osborn had been dead for a while anyway. (01:49:50)

Revealing mistake: When Norman's assistant is securing his head in place in the machine, you can see a reflection of the green screens in his glasses.

Revealing mistake: When Peter is running on the rooftops, about to take his first giant leap, the aerial shot shows a way too obvious CGI figure.

Sacha Premium member

Spider-Man mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Osborn is gassed inside the vault and the doctor comes to aid him, 2 green squares are reflected on his glasses. The green fumes are already gone so it can't be that. Plus from the opposite angle there's no green wall anywhere, so it was the green screen used on the set or a continuity error when fumes were still on the set.

Sacha Premium member

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Suggested correction: I think it's the green smoke reflecting on his glasses. The chamber has rectangular windows so that's why the reflections are rectangular.


No, when he is helping him the green smoke is already gone.

Sacha Premium member

I don't think it's green screen, they look a bit small for that but there's something there, you are right. There're green little rectangles on his glasses even when he is doing CPR, when he is looking directly at Norman's face but no green stuff around Norman's head. Perhaps green smoke would be harmful or expensive, so they used regular white vapor and shone green lights on the smoke to make it appear green and later forgot to turn those lights off.


There are monitors with green colored animations throughout that scene, in fact we can see a monitor behind the doctor in the shared screenshot. It could be that the monitor is getting reflected on the glass walls of the chamber which then gets reflected on doctor's glasses.


I just submitted a picture where one can see there's nothing green in front of the doctor.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: When the car jacker who stole Uncle Ben's car is being chased by the police, they seem to be doing a high speed pursuit. However when the car goes over the corner and demolishes a stand, a cut shows the inside of the car. The digital speedometer is reading 15-17 mph, hardly much of a challenge for the police to catch.


Spider-Man mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter shoots his web at his bedroom lamp and pulls it across the room, it smashes against the wall and breaks. But when Aunt May is talking to Peter from the door seconds later, the lamp is back on the dresser in one piece. (00:32:15)

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Mary Jane: Who are you?
Spider-Man: You know who I am.
Mary Jane: I do?
Spider-Man: Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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Trivia: JJJ's secretary (the one who takes Peter's cheque) is Betty Brant, one of Peter's girlfriends in the comic books.

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Question: What was Tobey Maguire's full process to get Spider-man's body? What was his body and fighting training and food diets? Is there any website where they have it in full writing?

Answer: The following is taken directly from People Magazine May 27, 2002: WORKOUT: Maguire exercised for at least 3.5 hours, six days a week, with his regimen varying "depending on how sore he felt," says Joujon-Roche. Mornings were spent improving his flexibility with yoga and splits, along with building strength through abdominal and lower-body exercises on an oversize ball. "We would just work on each body part until we killed it," Joujon-Roche says. "Then the next day we'd go to another and kill that one." Afternoons were devoted to cardiovascular activities like martial arts and cycling, to burn fat, plus gymnastics. "Tobey did his own flips with that Spider-Man hood on," says Joujon-Roche. "We gave him self-assuredness." DIET: For breakfast Joujon-Roche made the actor, a vegetarian, a "high-protein shake that included nuts, essential oils and vitamins." Lunch, he says, was often "marinated tofu with broccoli and walnuts and dinner a big veggie burger with brown rice." The menu varied with Maguire's output. "If his workout was pure weights," says Joujon-Roche, "he needed protein. If he did cardio, he'd have a shake of all carbs."

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