Dial M for Murder

Halliday, Margot & Chief Insp. Hubbard all discover that it was Tony who set up Margot's attempted murder. They find out because Tony grabbed Swann's key and put that key in his wife's purse and the other key (his wife's key) was put back under the staircase cover right after Swann opened the door with it (Tony assumed that he was getting his wife's key from Swann's pocket, because Swann was supposed to put the key back under the staircase cover after he killed Margot, but he got Swann's own key instead). When Tony opens the door with the key that Swann put back under the staircase cover, he sees Halliday, Margot, Insp. Hubbard & Det. Williams and he knows that he has been caught.

Big Evil

Continuity mistake: When Tony throws the 100 pounds down-payment across the room to Swan, watch the chair in which it lands. It has a low back one in one shot, then a high back (probably to provide a bigger target for the throw), then a low back again.

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Margot Mary Wendice: Oh, there you are. We thought you were never coming. What have you been up to?
Tony Wendice: I'm sorry darling, but the boss came in just as I was leaving.
Margot Mary Wendice: Tony, this is Mark Halliday.
Tony Wendice: Hello Mark.
Mark Halliday: Hello.

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Trivia: This was filmed in 3-D, but was not originally released in 3-D. It wasn't until after Hitchcock died that it was released in its original 3-D form.

Jack's Revenge

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Question: Who is in the photograph on the liquor table in the beginning?

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