Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Corrected entry: In the first Aladdin, the Genie was set free and you see his gold cuffs broken as a sign. However, he is still wearing them in this movie as if he is still "imprisoned."

Correction: In the TV series, Genie says "I'll always be a slave... to style." He likes the look so he keeps them around.


Corrected entry: Iago asks why the 40 thieves were only after the staff at Aladdin's wedding. The Oracle appears and answers. Even though Iago didn't directly ask the Oracle why they were after the staff, she refused to answer his second question as she is bound by "the rule of one." However Aladdin later indirectly asks the Oracle, "My father is alive?" and is still permitted to ask the Oracle where his father is located.

Correction: Iago's question was an actual question to which he actually wanted an answer. Aladdin's "question" was merely a statement of incredulity. He had already been told his father was alive and was simply expressing his surprise.

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Corrected entry: Using a herd of elephants in the desert is not quite logical for two reasons: 1) they take a lot of food and water to keep them going, and the desert is not particularly abundant with either; and 2) the heat in the desert would boil a pachyderm alive. (As for Abu being turned into an elephant in the first part - well, elephants do look impressive, but one is easier to get through the desert than a full herd.)

Correction: Yeah, but camels and horses just won't easily carry a few thieves each. The thieves probably used elephants for easy transportation, not taking into mind the needs.

Corrected entry: When Aladdin defeats Saluk, the 40 thieves say that he must now join the club with a "lifetime contract that [he's] bound to keep" since he now knows where their secret lair is and he knows alot of their secrets. How then, was he allowed to return to Agraba and basically lead a life as though that incident never happened?

Correction: The thieves probably don't know that he went back to Agraba. Besides, he was with their leader, whom the thieves may have thought would return him if he got out of bounds.

Corrected entry: Why not simply escape the dungeon through the secret door from the first film? No need for Aladdin to distract the guards then.

Correction: But once anyone realized Aladdin's escape from the first film, they probably sealed the door. Especially once Aladdin gets in good with the sultan, he probably told him about the door to prevent future prisoner escapes.

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Corrected entry: One of the guests of honor is addressed by the Genie as the Egyptian god Osiris, but his falcon head identifies him as Horus (Osiris was depicted in Egyptian mythology as a green-skinned man).

Correction: It's a mistake made by Genie, not the movie. That's most likely why Horus screeched at Genie after being called Osiris.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jasmine is about to walk down the isle for the first time, birds fly down with a white carpet. In the shot where Jasmine walks down the isle, the carpet is gone.

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Genie: Uh-Oh. Uh-Oh. Definitely an oracle-tells the future. Uh-Oh.

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Trivia: The film originally began production with Dan Castellaneta in the role of the Genie. Castellaneta had previously replaced Robin Williams in the role for the second film. Williams had a falling out with the producers of the original film over the use of his voice and name in production and merchandising, and refused to appear in the first sequel. Williams patched things up with Disney during production of this film, and he was quickly rehired. The script was slightly re-written to accommodate Williams' style of humor, and some completed footage of Castellaneta's Genie was thrown out.


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