Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

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6.3/10.The second Friday, behind A New Beginning, that gets no love.I felt the idea was well founded and could've done better had they had more money.Studios are typically least likely to get the blame when a movie of theirs does bad at the box office.I felt Kelly Hu should've been the lead as she and Kane Hodder were the two best actors there.This would've been a different take on the final girl as most are white.I've nothing against this I just felt this is how it should've been and Jensen Daggett was the latest in a line of bad actresses cast as the lead girl in the franchise.The main problem with the franchise has always been bad leading actresses with the exceptions of Amy Steel, Adrienne King, and Jennifer Cooke.This entry has the second best poster of the franchise behind Jason Lives too.The ending I absolutely hated, felt it was unnecessary as was the flashbacks of Jason looking normal until becoming deformed.I personally like them all, I just don't like most of the leading ladies.


Plot hole: In Part VII Jason's clothes were shredded and you could see his spine, kneecaps, etc. but now his clothes appear almost intact.

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Rennie: There is a maniac trying to kill us.
Waitress: Welcome to New York.

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Trivia: The shot of Jason "undrowning" - so to speak - at the end of the film, with water gushing from his mouth, was accomplished thanks to Kane Hodder's uncanny ability to vomit on cue. Prior to the shoot, Hodder downed a pitcher of water.


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Question: What was with the ending? He melts down to a regular looking boy when in the original he was shown as deformed. I hate this ending, consider it the weakest and worst of the franchise.


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