Deep Cover
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John Hull: The jungle creed says the strongest feed / on any prey that it can / And I was branded beast at every feast / before I ever became a man.

John Hull: We took eleven million in drug profits out of the van. The money doesn't know where it comes from, but I do. If I keep it, I'm a criminal. If I give it to the government, I'm a fool. If I try and do some good with it, maybe it just makes things worse. Either way, I'll probably just wind up getting myself in more trouble. It's an impossible choice, but in a way, we all have to make it. What would you do?

David Jason: This is John Hull, my new associate.
Betty McCutcheon: Your new Eddie. I hear the old one wore out.
David Jason: Well. Factory recall. This is the advanced model.

Ivy: Ehhh, you a bitch! You wanna suck it bitch? Or do you just wanna drink?

Felix Barbossa: It's a good thing he never went to jail, Gopher, because if he came out, he'd have an asshole big enough to swallow a watermelon.

David Jason: How come I like balling black chicks so much?
John Hull: I don't know. Maybe you feel like you're fucking a slave.

John Hull: How much is this?
Betty McCutcheon: Do you know anything about ethnic art? Have you ever been in a store like this? See, we don't put price tags on our merchandise. So if you have to ask, then obviously you can't afford it.
John Hull: In that case I'll take two of them.

David Jason: What kind of monster have I created?

Carver: He's a drug dealer, he's a criminal, he's a scumbag. But most importantly, he's a scumbag for the right side.

David Jason: Forget this Judeo-Christian bullshit. The same people that taught us virtue are the very ones who enslaved us, baby.

Betty McCutcheon: Boys, is this some type of male bonding thing? Because you can take it outside. You're blowing my high.

Nancy Jason: What did they do to you?
David Jason: They taught me what I needed to know: that they don't respect me, that I don't deserve respect.
Nancy Jason: Oh, David, you've gotta get out of this business. You have a wife and a daughter who love you. I love you. What more do you want?
David Jason: I want my cake and eat it too. I want my cake and eat it too.

Carver: Have some fun. That's an order.

Hector Guzman: Why, I keep my money in a bank.
Guzman's Guard: El Banco.

Factual error: In the bathroom scene when Fishburne shoots and kill James Morris. He uses a revolver with a silencer. Silencers don't work on revolvers as it does not cover the ammo cylinder.

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