Psycho IV: The Beginning

Norman Bates (Perkins) once again has been having more mother trouble. This time around he is invited to share memories of mom with a radio talk show host, because Norman fears that he may kill again, this time his beloved wife who is impregnated with his child. The reason why he wants her dead is because Norman feels that he cannot let the Bates' legacy continue with their child.

Continuity mistake: Norman pours poison into the pitcher of iced tea. In the next shot, we see him carrying the pitcher and two full glasses on a tray - but the level of liquid in the pitcher hasn't changed, even though he's supposedly filled the glasses from it. Later, when the pitcher is sitting on Mother's dresser, the pitcher's level is lower, but no one has poured anything from it. (01:00:05)

Jean G

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Norman: I know that in the cosmic scheme of things, little boys are small, but some days they can be... some days little boys can be giants.

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