Soylent Green
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Det. Thorn: There's nothing I can do for you furniture - I got nothing to give.

Sol: I don't know why I bother.
Det. Thorn: Because it's your job. Besides, you love me.

Det. Thorn: Who bought you?
Hatcher: You're bought as soon as they pay you a salary.

New Tenant: How old are you?
Shirl: Twenty-one.
New Tenant: Charles said you were twenty-four.
Shirl: That makes us both liars.

Sol: You know, when I was a kid, food was food. Before our scientific magicians poisoned the water, polluted the soil, decimated plant and animal life.

Det. Thorn: Would you believe bodyguards are buying strawberries for 150 D's a jar?

Det. Thorn: You know, there are 20 million guys out of work in Manhattan alone just waiting for my job.

Hatcher: So, you finally made it. Do you know what time it is?
Det. Thorn: You tell me. You're the only one here who has a wristwatch.
Hatcher: I can't. The damn thing won't run.

Martha Phillips: I should've offered you something, Mr. Thorn.
Det. Thorn: If I'd had the time, I would've asked for it.

State Security Chief Donovan: Do you have the words straight?
Gilbert: You know, I won't understand them if I live to be a hundred.
State Security Chief Donovan: You won't.

Det. Thorn: Turn the air conditioning way up.
Shirl: Way up! We'll make it as cold as winter used to be.

Revealing mistake: The sliding door to the bedroom in Simonson's apartment appears to be covered with a sheet of 'bubble wrap' in early scenes of the room.


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