Bride of Chucky

Plot hole: In this film Chucky says they need the heart of dumbbells to transfer their souls into human body. If he knew this why did he even attempt it in the first 3 movies? And he never uses it in the next 3 movies, including "Cult of Chucky," where he is successful at the transfer. (Side Note: The series writer has admitted that this was a ret-con added to the film in order to justify the road-trip. So, while still a mistake, it was purposely done).


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Suggested correction: The amulet is necessary to amplify power in order to transfer multiple souls at a time - it's only used in Bride with two souls and Seed with three or four.

Revealing mistake: When they are all in the camper van Tiffany gives Chucky a biscuit then walks away from him, from the way she gave him the plate, they would have all fallen off. (01:07:35)

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Damien: Come on, let me in or I'm likely to catch my death out here.
Tiffany: Promises, promises.

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Trivia: The decision to turn the Child's Play/Chucky franchise from a slasher-horror to a dark comedy series was inspired by several factors. In addition to 1996's meta horror-satire "Scream" making self-aware horror-comedies popular, series creator Don Mancini also felt that by the time "Child's Play 3" had come out, Chucky had become such a pop culture icon, he might never be properly "scary" ever again, since people were too familiar with him. And thus, in order to keep the series fresh, he and producer David Kirshner decided to make the fourth film more comedic and self-aware in tone.

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Answer: As specified in Seed of Chucky it's a voodoo pregnancy. That's why the pregnancy last shorter than a normal one.


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