Bride of Chucky

Chucky and Tiffany reveal themselves to Jesse and Jade, and ditch the van for a mobile home. In the mobile home, Jesse and jade end up getting Tiffany and Chucky into a fight, until jade kicks Tiffany into the mobile home's oven, and Jesse throwing Chucky out of the window. The home is wrecked after it crashes, and explodes as Jesse dives out of the door. Chucky basically takes jade hostage by riding on her shoulders with a gun as she runs for the cemetery. Jesse grabs Tiffany and runs after them, eventually arriving at the cemetery, and Jesse gets jade back and Chucky gets tiff back. Finally, Chucky kisses Tiffany , but she stabs him in the that breaks a big dual out with shovels. In the end, Chucky kills Tiffany, but Jesse hits Chucky into the tomb. A detective comes and jade takes his gun and riddles Chucky with gunfire. Tiffany gives birth to a baby doll, she dies, and then it attacks the detective.

James McManus

Continuity mistake: When Chucky kills the coroner there is a generous amount of blood splashing on the gravestone. But in the next shot we can see that he is standing next to the gravestone. Chucky shot the coroner in the back of the head since he was looking in the other direction and is falling on his face, so there should be no blood on the gravestone.

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Tiffany: Oh, Chucky look at us. We belong dead. I'll see you in hell, darling.

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Trivia: The decision to turn the Child's Play/Chucky franchise from a slasher-horror to a dark comedy series was inspired by several factors. In addition to 1996's meta horror-satire "Scream" making self-aware horror-comedies popular, series creator Don Mancini also felt that by the time "Child's Play 3" had come out, Chucky had become such a pop culture icon, he might never be properly "scary" ever again, since people were too familiar with him. And thus, in order to keep the series fresh, he and producer David Kirshner decided to make the fourth film more comedic and self-aware in tone.

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Answer: Considering the voodoo involved, and the fact she got pregnant as a doll, this is not a normal pregnancy.


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