The Swan Princess
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Rogers: What else is there? She says, "Is beauty all that matters?", and you say, "What else is there?".
Prince Derek: It was dumb. I know.
Rogers: You should write a book: "How to Offend Women in Five Syllables or Less."

Puffin: There comes a time, the possum said, when if all else fails just play dead.

Jean-Bob: Whenever I have to do something in a hurry, I'll always bring a turtle.

Rogers: You should write a book: How To Offend Women In Five Syllables or Less.

Speed: I think I pulled a muscle.
Jean-Bob: I'm gonna die! I know it! I'm on a mission with a lame turtle.

Queen Uberta: Where is Derek? Oh, never mind, I know where he is. Working on the mystery of the Fat Animal.
Rogers: The Great Animal, Your Highness.
Queen Uberta: Great, fat. It's large and has fur.

Odette: Every night you ask the same question. And every night I give you the same answer.
Rothbart: Don't.
Odette: ...I'll die first.
Rothbart: You know... you are really starting to bug me.
Odette: I would think you'd be use to it by now.

Rothbart: Hello, little prince.
Prince Derek: Who are you?
Rothbart: Went and pledged your love to another, eh?
Prince Derek: What are you talking about? This is Odette.
Rothbart: No, Odette is mine.
Prince Derek: It's you! You have no power here. I made a vow, a vow of everlasting love.
Rothbart: You made a vow all right. A vow of everlasting... death.

Odette: You have to make a vow of everlasting love.
Prince Derek: I'll make it. I'ts all I've ever wanted.

Odette: I need to know that he loves me... for just being me.

Puffin: There you have it, everlasting love.

Rothbart: Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it.

Princess Odette: Will you love me, Derek? Until the day I die?
Prince Derek: No, Odette, much longer. Much longer.

Continuity mistake: When the evil king's female assistant is "turned into" Odette, and Prince Derek is dancing with her near the end, he puts the locket on her. The chain goes around her hair, and in the next shot, it's under her hair. They were dancing the whole time, so how could she or Derek have pulled her hair out of the chain?

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Question: At the end when there's a zoom shot of the castle on the water, how was the effect with the water done? Is it real water?

Answer: From what I understand it's done with a method called xeroxography. It's a really good job, I'll agree.

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