Stuart Little

Question: I've never adopted kids before so that's why I'm asking this question; When Stuart is being adopted, I noticed that on his papers, the parents were listed as Mr. And Mrs. Little. My question is, why aren't their first names on there? George's first name was, so why weren't theirs on there as well? Is that a mistake or is it common?

Answer: I wouldn't call it a "mistake" as the movie did that on purpose for both a gag and an emphasis on Stuart becoming a Little. This is definitely not practice for actually adopting children. You must put your first name on the paperwork.

Question: Why didn't we see Stuart's car go down the waterfall in the sewer? (01:03:00 - 01:03:50)


Answer: Why? Because Stuart's car has the key components, and might get broken.

His suitcase went down the waterfall, but the car didn't even though the car fell in the water too. It doesn't make sense that the car isn't seen going down the waterfall along with the suitcase.


Question: Could Stuart have got his car back after it fell in the water? (01:02:40)


Answer: Yes. While they find Stuart's original car after it fell in the water while they replace the new car.

Answer: The car falls into water likely containing nasty elements such as human byproducts. This alone creates a chore very few would attempt. The car probably smells bad, too. Also, the car probably fell down the waterfall even though the film doesn't show it. This would have made the car nearly impossible to find since it got transported to the lower sewage system. With the car's key components being damaged by the water along with it falling into sewage, the car was likely a lost cause.


Question: Why aren't Mr and Mrs Little surprised to see a talking mouse?


Chosen answer: It's a fantasy world, like Harry Potter and the Narnia movies.

Question: How come the humans can understand mice and birds, but not cats?


Answer: Since there no scenes of cats trying to communicate with humans, we don't actually know if humans can understand them or not. It may be that cats can communicate with humans, but simply choose not to.

Answer: Because it's a movie when talking animals is possible but not all animals can talk to humans.

Answer: It was just an excuse because George didn't want to be in the race anymore after the remote control got broken.

Well, it was an accident with Stuart throwing the remote control for the boat, and was broken and stepped on by the man's foot.

Factual error: When the police arrive at the Little house to take the "missing person" report, their car has a blue light on top. Police in New York display red lights.

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