Corrected entry: Before the blood transfusion, Van Helsing says, "I've only experimented. Landsteiner's method". The first one of Karl Landsteiner's epochal articles was published in 1900, three years after the movie is set. (00:57:25)


Correction: Landsteiners' groundbreaking work was in compatibility of individual blood groups. Clearly neither van Helsing nor anyone else in the room even considers the blood type of either the donor or the recipient of the blood. Lucy survived the transfusions though sheer luck (either because the donors were of the correct blood types, or because of her new vampiric nature). Van Helsing was talking about some other work of Landsteiner, probably fictional. This may still qualify for a factual error, but it is a different mistake altogether.

Corrected entry: When Jonathan is closing the transactions in Dracula's castle, a huge map of London can seen on the wall. There's a long wideshot where the camera pans along with Dracula's shadow on the map, and every inch of the map is revealed. Then, when Dracula mentions Renfield, Renfield's card, pinned to the map, appears out of nowhere. (00:15:45)


Correction: The shot of Renfield's card is meant to give the audience a visual representation of who he is. The card is not pinned on the map that is shown in the previous shots.


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Other mistake: When Dr. Seward first goes to see Renfield, he gets bitten on the right side of his neck, but then grabs the left side as if in pain. (00:26:00)

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Dracula: Is this my reward for defending God's church?
Priest: Sacrilege.
Dracula: I RENOUNCE GOD! I RENOUNCE GOD! I shall rise from my own death, to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness.

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Trivia: When Mina recalls her previous life as Elisabeta, she says she remembers a land beyond a great forest. "Land beyond the forest" is the literal meaning of Transylvania.

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Question: So, just to make things clear in the ending after Vlad's death: do Vlad and Elisabeta ascend into Heaven?

Answer: It's implied that Vlad has regained his soul and will ascend to heaven with Elisabeta.

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