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Continuity mistake: In the early-morning scene at Mr. Brownlow's house, Oliver is shown sleeping in his bed. He awakens and his hair is in complete disarray as he walks towards the open balcony doors. Standing on the balcony and gazing outside, however, his hair is combed neatly.


Continuity mistake: When Nancy is singing "As Long As He Needs Me" her dress continually changes between shots from being over her shoulder to half way down her arm.

Continuity mistake: When Oliver first meets Fagin, he says " aren't we, my dears?" Dodger replies "'course we are Fagin" Dodger then looks up at Fagin and stops smiling. But when the camera zooms in, he does the same thing again, you can tell by his expression that it is the same shot but from a different angle.

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Continuity mistake: While the boys are messing around with Oliver's stuff, Dodger and Fagin are in the background talking, and Fagin lifts his hand. In the next shot, a close-up of the two, Fagin's hand is down.

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Audio problem: Just after Oliver leaves Mr. Brownlow's house with the books and £5 note there is a shot of Bill Sykes and Nancy on a park bench. Just as Nancy stands up Bill's dog barks. Whilst you can hear the birds singing, nothing of the bark can be heard.

Character mistake: In the beginning of the film, Oliver has been brought by Mr. and Mrs. Bumble to the Governor's door after asking for more to eat. Mrs. Bumble then sings, "They'll lay the blame on the one who named him," and as Mr. Bumble is responding, "O-li-ver", look at Oliver. He is completely spacing out and not in character at all - staring off into the distance and flicking his tongue in and out of his mouth.


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Suggested correction: The character is in character, he is acting alarmed and concerned and regretting his choice to inform the governor. As seen https://youtu.be/nlJugdk4OGc.

Deliberate mistake: When Fagin shakes Oliver's hand (when he first meets him) there is a blonde haired boy standing right behind Oliver, but in the shots from behind him, the boy is gone. This may be because the camera is just behind where the boy was and he had to move so they could get the shots from this angle.

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Continuity mistake: The final participants in the spectacular "Who Will Buy?" scene are the soldiers who make up the band and the platoon it leads. As they make their first appearance, the band is leading the platoon, and in blazing sunshine. By the end of the scene, it is overcast, and the platoon soldiers are now leading the band.

Continuity mistake: Just before "Be back soon", Dodgers asks Fagin if Oliver can go out with him and Charlie, earlier we see that Charlie is a small boy with dark hair and a black bakerboy hat. This same boy tells Dodger and Oliver to hurry up at the very end of "Be back soon". But when they arrive in London, Charlie is now someone different. He has a different shaped face and a different outfit. You see this boy earlier, claiming the sausages are mouldy, but there he has blonde hair.

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Continuity mistake: During 'It's A Fine Life', Nancy fills a bowl of soup to give to Bill. Just after she fills it, she puts her arm round Bet's shoulder and Bet puts hers round Nancy's waist. Bet is holding a bowl in her left hand. When it cuts, to show them from the front, Bet is now holding the bowl in her right hand and the other is holding her skirt.

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Deliberate mistake: During "Consider Yourself", watch the meat-cutters - the cleavers they use never cut into the meat, just bounce off harmlessly. Obviously too dangerous to try and use real ones in such a crowded environment.

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Continuity mistake: When Dodger, Charlie and Oliver first arrive in London after "Be Back Soon," the camera shows the old woman's sweet stall in shadow. But when Dodger and Charlie steal from it, it is in full sun.

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Continuity mistake: When Oliver first meets Fagin, he comes out with a sausage on a poker, in the shots from behind Oliver, the poker is at Oliver's eye level, but in the the shots from behind Fagin, it is much lower.

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Continuity mistake: Just watched the film Oliver, with the scene in the undertakers when Oliver is put in the coffin he is facing right but when the coffin lid is opened again, he is somehow facing the other way round. (00:25:00)

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Suggested correction: When facing the coffin from the door, Oliver's head is to the right. When Mr. Bumble open the coffin, Oliver's head is still to the right.


Continuity mistake: During the 'who will buy' scene, the window cleaners come into shot and pitch their ladders to the balcony. The cleaners are beating the carpets over the balcony, and in the same shot you can see the ladders are not attached to the balcony. When the window cleaners climb the ladders and dismount, at the top you can see the ladders are now attached to the balcony with brackets.


Continuity mistake: When Fagin and his gang are outside singing 'Be back Soon,' Oliver is behind one of Fagin's gang members (not the Artful Dodger). In the next shot, Oliver is behind Dodger. And in the next shot, Oliver is behind the Fagin's gang member again.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, when Dodger and Fagin are singing together, Dodger sings, "Once the villain, you're a villain to the end!" and the right corner of his fringe is tucked up into his hat. But when Fagin says, "Your light fingers," it is down again.

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Other mistake: At Fagin's place, Bill is supposed to give Nancy a back-handed slap that sends her to the floor, but there's no sound of the slap and there's no contact - it's very badly acted.

Fagin: Careful Bill, please, no violence.

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Trivia: When Oliver Twist sees Fagin's hoard, Mark Lester's shocked reaction is real; director Carol Reed pulled a white rabbit from Lester's pocket the moment the treasure was discovered.

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Question: Why was this movie rated G? It does contain some violence and a murder scene and some content that's inappropriate for children.

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Chosen answer: You are correct that "Oliver" does have some material that might be intense for young children - including a murder, some minor violence, issues of adoption, child abuse, kidnapping, and even some sexual content (but only by innuendo). Drinking alcohol is also involved, and some of the characters with whom we are meant to sympathize are, in fact, thieves. But intense content does not necessarily preclude a movie from obtaining a "G" rating. There have been several G-rated movies which have content, including killing, that could be frightening for children, including "Bambi," "The Lion King," "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," and "The Wizard of Oz," to name a few. In "Oliver," most of the violence is alluded to, and the murder of Nancy is committed out of sight (only Sykes' hand is visible, and Nancy's screams are heard), though it is frightening and realistic. Violence can be permitted in G-rated films, as long as it is "minimal." Sexual innuendo is permitted, in small doses, as long as lewd acts aren't shown. Intense content is also permitted. Drug use is not permitted, but I suppose the tavern scenes are cartoonish enough as to not warrant a more harsh rating. The bottom line is that ratings are determined by the MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America, and that association is given wide latitude and discretion. Apparently, the "mature" content of "Oliver!" was not viewed as rising to a level which the MPAA felt would warrant a more stringent rating.

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