Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Corrected entry: Before Tina makes Melissa's pearl necklace fall apart, between shots the necklace changes position.

Correction: Tina is forcing the necklace to lift upwards in order to make it easier to break the necklace.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Tina's father rises out of the water and grabs Jason. The problem is he pretty much looks like he did when he died, it's several years later her father's body would be very decayed.

Correction: It's supposed to be the father's ghost, it's not the actual body of the father.


Correction: I remember hearing from several sources that the Studio decided to have him look freshly dead instead of all messed up.

Corrected entry: In the scenes from the previous film used as a prologue, Jason is drowned in a green jacket with some kind of utility belt. However, when the film begins in earnest with the little girl on the boat, Jason is seen in a blue jacket without the belt. Normally this being a difference between one movie and it's sequel it wouldn't matter, but they showed the prior film in a prologue.

Correction: He has been under water for many years. The jacket has discolored and the clips on the belt has broken off due to rust and swelling (which is normal for decomposing bodies).


Corrected entry: When Tina arrives at the cabin she is wearing khaki pants. Then a scene following where she moves the matchbook she is wearing blue jeans. Then when she goes to the party and when she frees Jason she is back in the khaki pants, then the next day she is back in the blue jeans when she defeats Jason.

Correction: She's a teenage girl. She changed her pants. It happens.

Corrected entry: If Tina's dad was accidentally killed at the lake when she was a young girl - by her telepathic powers - wouldn't her dad's body be recovered, given an autopsy, and then buried? How does he spring from the lake to save her at the end? Why is his body so well preserved?

Correction: It was dad's ghost.

Corrected entry: Right before Jason kills Dr. Crews, he restarts the saw, we can hear the motor running but the saw blade doesn't move for the first few seconds.


Correction: The saw blade wouldn't spin until Jason gave it some throttle.

Corrected entry: Jason is strong and indestructible yet he can't break the chain off the boulder and get loose?

Correction: Being in the lake makes it harder for Jason to be able to break the chain. Besides, he had taken the propeller of the boat to his neck at the end of the previous film, so that may have affected his strength and ability to heal.


Corrected entry: When Michael's girlfriend is waiting for him to return from the bathroom, the cooler in her hands disappears in the reverse shot of Jason coming up behind her.

Correction: Actually Jane is seen holding the cooler and a bag as Michael walks off. Then it focuses on Michael for a minute or two. Then it goes back to Jane - now empty handed - and you can see the cooler and bag on the floor in front of her. Then Jason kills her. No mistake.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Tina swerves off of the road after seeing her mum get killed by Jason in the middle of the road, if you look in the back of the car, you can see a camera set up, filming the shots in the back seat. (00:43:15)

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Maddy: "Need a little touch-up work" my ass.

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Trivia: During his four-movie tenure portraying Jason, Kane Hodder actually put a lot of thought into the character, and developed what he thought Jason's personality would be in order to give himself motivation for the role. Hodder also created a strict set of rules that he would follow while playing Jason. For example, Hodder felt Jason would never hurt animals, since he had a childlike mind and wouldn't want to harm a creature he saw as inherently innocent. And more importantly, Hodder insisted that while he played the character, Jason would not harm or go after children, since he "drowned" as a child and recognizes them as being innocent like he was. While the rules do somewhat contradict earlier films, Hodder stuck by his guns.

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Question: How can Jason go into the lake in Parts 6 and 7 if he's afraid of water due to drowning? He'd freeze up from the sight right?


Answer: Jason being afraid of water is not portrayed consistently throughout the series. Continuity between sequels was not a major concern when making this series.


Answer: I think that Jason is actually afraid of unpredictable situations with water. He is familiar with Crystal Lake after living in the forest for so long. He might be less hesitant to enter this lake sometimes.

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