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Corrected entry: In the sewer scene Reinhardt melodramatically puts his hand under one of the holes where sunlight is passing through and we see it starting to smoke. He is wearing gloves, why would his body react to the sunlight while it's covered?

Correction: As a pureblood, clothing does not protect vampires from the sun or UV light. Otherwise they would simply be able to go outside fully covered and be safe, which they never do. In Blade I, Frost does manage to go outside with sunscreen and clothes that protect him for a little bit, but Frost wasn't pureblood and still fairly young.


Corrected entry: During the sewer scene, Whistler says "well some of us can't see in the dark, nipplehead". Fair enough, humans can't see in the dark, vampires can. So why do they have the lights on the guns? As a UV weapon, constantly on but filtered for quick access? That's just about OK. But that doesn't explain why Nyssa uses a flashlight in the house of pain as she searches the rooms/corridor/loft. (00:42:01)

Correction: There wasn't a scene I saw of Nyssa using the light, her guns were holstered when walking around the house of pain. There is a scene when Verlaine is searching with the light on. When she and Lighthammer first enter together, you see the filter on and then the next time we see her, the filter is off. But this makes perfect sense in the movie, she kept the light on, but filtered when walking through a room full of "friendly" vampires. When they were out of the way, she removed the filter to be ready to use the UV light as a weapon.


Corrected entry: When Blade is fighting the masked Nyssa at his base of operations near the beginning of the film, towards the end of the fight, there are two shots that are created entirely with laughably bad CGI. The "characters" move WAY too fast, have unnatural "bendy" movements, and defy the laws of physics a few times, making them completely unbelievable. (The exceedingly low-quality of these shots is even joked about in the audio commentary). (00:22:00)

Correction: This has already been submitted and corrected. Bad CGI is not a mistake. Also, Blade and Nyssa are vampires with supernatural abilities, so the fact that they move way too fast or defy the laws of physics is irrelevant.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Whistler first meets Scud, Scud walks away then starts to watch a little TV, and in one shot his hand is not on the TV, but in the following shot his hand is on the TV. (00:17:30)


Correction: Actually if you to the top right of the TV, you could see some cloth which is probably his long sleeve over his right hand which is on top of the TV.

Corrected entry: Nyssa describes vampirism as an arbovirus where vampires are the vector. However the definition of an arbovirus is as an arthropod-bourne virus - arthropods are invertebrates with exoskeletons(insects). Not vampires.

Correction: Yes, that's why the distinction was made that vampires are the vector rather than insects. She was comparing vampirism to an arbovirus since that was, as far as she knew, the closest thing to it.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After Blade and Whistler are captured in the sewers, Damasquinos take an encapsulated fetus. Whistler throw the ring and when we see Damasquinos again, he is not holding it anymore.

Guillermo Calero

Correction: The very next shot of Damasquinos is only of his head, so it is entirely possible he is holding the fetus out of frame.

Corrected entry: When Reinhardt rips the explosive device out of his head, we can see a close shot of it on Scud's hand. Since it has been stuck in his flesh, it should be stained with blood, at least minimally.

Guillermo Calero

Correction: There is blood on it when Reinahrdt removes it, but very little, much like piercing, the blood would have been wiped off within his hand before Scud took it.

Corrected entry: When a person is turned into a reaper, their lower jaw is supposed to drop out (as is obvious when they open their mouth 'proper' and feed on someone. Look at Nomak in his final fight scene with Blade. His lower set of teeth is quite visible, but they all disappear when his mouth opens.

Correction: It is entirly possible that the teeth either retract or become obscured by the maw when the reapers "properly" open their mouths. Also, nowhere in the film is it stated that the jaw "drops out." It more than likley just disintrigrates as they transform.

Corrected entry: When Blade is poised above the pool of blood, you can see a safety wire behind him.

Sol Parker

Correction: Not, you can't. I have watched the scene over and over looking for the safety wire, even going frame by frame, and it is not there.

Corrected entry: When Blade is in the tunnel and he kicks the bomb case, look at the timer on the bomb and it says 6 and a half seconds. From when the shot goes from Blade back to him a couple of shots later, its a lot more than 6 and a half seconds. (01:14:40)


Correction: First, the movie isn't in real time, so the fight of Nyssa and Reinhard can be at the same time as Blade is trying to set off the bomb. Second, the bomb isn't working how it is supposed to, so the 6 seconds can easily take longer when if the bomb was stuck again.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: The heavily armed heroes walk around a nightclub. One even wields a drum-fed heavy machine gun - and no one in the club seem to notice or remotely care until people start shooting. Surely armed assault teams aren't that common a sight in these places?

Correction: This is not exactly an ordinary nightclub, and judging from the display of knives and other instruments at the club entrance, things crazier than an armed assault team have probably taken place in the club. Besides, bullets (the ordinary kind) don't do a lot of damage to vampires.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Blade catches one of the vampires and asks him where they took him, the helmet that the vampire is wearing already has a crack in it, so it's a lot easier to break. (00:08:05)


Correction: How is this a mistake? The vampire was just in a motorcycle accident and was thrown several meters. It's perfectly reasonable his helmet would be damaged.

Corrected entry: Nyssa, daughter of the head vampire tells Blade she is a pure breed vampire - born a vampire - yet she has a scar above her lip on the right. If she is a pure breed, she would have no scars because vampires heal themselves and don't scar. (00:22:56)

Correction: Not necessarily, it depends on how the movie makers interpret the vampire myth, and the nature of the wound she received. The vampires in the "Blade" saga are vulnerable to silver, garlic and ultraviolet light, and as we can see from Reinhardt's half-burned face in the end, injuries from these sources leave clear marks that the vampires do not heal instantaneously. It is not unlikely that injuries like these could leave scars.


Corrected entry: After Blade detonates the UV bomb he finds Nyssa lying near a pool. In an attempt to save her he slits his wrist and invites her to feed on his blood. Watch as he does this: no blood ever appears on either him or the sword he uses. (01:20:40)

Correction: This is because of the angle of Blade's hand; his hand is bent at the wrist and pointing upwards, as well as being held between the camera and the sword, so you can not tell if the sword is bloodied or not. And he immediately turns his wrist (and the wound) towards Nissa's mouth, away from the camera, so you have no chance of seeing the cut itself.


Corrected entry: Blade had his blood drained in the first and the second movie. He also used a fresh source of blood to get well again.

Correction: Too obvious to be considered trivia; it is plain for everyone who has seen the movies.


Corrected entry: The battle in the warehouse between Blade and the two ninjas has to be one of the worst uses of CGI ever. The animated characters are easily recognizable due to their poor textures, and also have a blurry line around them.

Correction: There are no "blurry lines" around the characters, and there is no mistake in using computer graphics. By the rational of this mistake, every shot that was enhanced with CGI is automatically a mistake.

Corrected entry: Towards the end Blade is strapped to a table and has spikes run through his wrists and thighs. Later he regenerates himself in blood and the wounds are healed. Fine, but there are numerous times after (the fight with Nomak, etc.) when you can see there are no holes in his pants from the spikes in his thighs. (01:27:44)

Correction: The holes are there. They can be hard to spot since they are quite small and they blend in with the black pants but during the fight with Nomak there are two close-ups of Blade's thighs where the holes are visible.


Corrected entry: In the House of Pain, when Nomak and Blade are fighting, Nomak runs away because a ray of sunlight hits him, but before that, when he gets shot in the head, he runs down some stairs full of sunlight. The sunlight on the stairs stopped Nyssa from running down them but how come it didn't effect Nomak seeing as that hall of stairs was full of sunlight when underground, there was only a little ray of sunlight.

Correction: There is nothing to suggest it didn't hurt him. He was confronted by Blade, ran away and though he did get hurt by the sun light, he didn't want to show it as a weakness.

Corrected entry: When the vampires and Blade are standing outside the club full of vampires, the lightning strikes and you can see scaffolding behind them up high.

Correction: There is no indication that this scaffolding has anything to do with the production of the movie. There is no shot in that scene that would require scaffolding in that particular position and since there is always construction going on in big cities scaffolding isn't exactly a rare sight.


Corrected entry: After Blade emerges from the blood fountain, he fights a lot of henchmen in hand-to-hand combat before taking on Reinhardt with his sword. When Whistler shoots the incubator after Blade kills Reinhardt, where are the bodies of the ones Blade fought hand-to-hand? None of them were vampires, so they wouldn't have disappeared. (01:37:42)

Correction: They are simply not visible in that shot. When Whistler shoots the incubators only the top platform, where the incubator sits, are shown. Blade fought the henchmen in the lower area next to this platform.


Other mistake: Towards the end of the film, after Snipes beats the crap out of a lot of vampires, Whistler throws Blade's sunglasses to him. They show him throw them in one shot, then in the next shot they show Snipes catching them. But look in the background at Whistler, he doesn't have the glasses, but is moving his arm like he is throwing them. The glasses must have been computer animated, and bad editing contributed to this mistake. (01:37:34)

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Scud: So, B-man, what do you think?
Blade: Sounds like a plan.
Whistler: What do you really think?
Blade: They're gonna fuck us the first chance they get.

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Trivia: At the end of the film, Rush is killed by Blade, who is hiding behind the curtain at a peep-show booth. In the 1996 film "The Crow: City of Angels", the lead character Ashe surprises a villain in the same manner. Both films were written by David S. Goyer. Goyer had disowned "The Crow: City of Angels" however, due to studio-enforced edits, and decided to re-use the scene in this film.

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