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Continuity mistake: Look carefully at the brochure Frank has about the Buffalo Chicken Wing festival, the building pictured is the same building as his daughter's school (seen earlier in the movie).

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Suggested correction: While the buildings might look similar, they are different buildings. The school has 3 levels with rectangular windows with a pyramid top while the building in the brochure only has 2 levels of non-rectangular windows and more of a dome shape on top.


Deliberate mistake: The 'NNN' news program shows a picture of some animal crackers in Frank's stomach. The problem is, they are still all in one piece and are pretty big. I don't think Frank would swallow them whole.

Continuity mistake: When Drix freezes the witness from the ship, he says it will take a few days to wear off. Not even a day later it wears off and the witness is back to normal and runs off only to be frozen again later.

Audio problem: In the scene "By The Throat", After Osmosis goes down the escalator. The red smoke starts to go around them. Osmosis moves his mouth with no sound, but not until a couple seconds later when the shot changes do you hear what is that cherry stench. (00:20:37)

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Suggested correction: I'm watching it and the scene is synced just fine. As soon as Jones opens his mouth, you hear him say "what is that cherry." Then the shot cuts to Leah and you hear him say "stank."


Continuity mistake: When Thrax enters the Hypothallimis, he kills one scientist, he then attacks the other scientist wearing glasses. When he picks up the scientist's glasses, there is tape holding them together in the middle, but when the glasses land on the ground, there isn't anything on the glasses at all.

Continuity mistake: When Frank drops his egg, it is almost all clean, but when he gets it up, it is dirty.

Other mistake: During the scene where Thrax is talking to the other germs and viruses in the Zit and is pointing out things on the map of Frank, the word 'collarbone' is spelled wrong ('Collerbone'). (00:52:49)

Continuity mistake: When Thrax and his posse are hiding out in the Big Toe Garage, one of his lackeys is seen peeking out of the window. In the next shot Thrax is seen ripping the curtain from the exact same window.

Other mistake: When Drix agrees to stay on the case with Osmosis, Ozzy looks up in surprise. In the next shot, Leah says "wow", then it cuts to the very same shot beforehand where Osmosis is surprised again. (00:40:35)

Continuity mistake: When Frank is asleep and his temperature starts to rise after Thrax attacks the hypothalamus, he jerks in his sleep causing the half-eaten circus peanut on his pajama pocket to roll down and away. But then when he wakes up, the circus peanut is back on his pajama pocket.


Other mistake: After Jones is fired and walking the streets and the "Daily Frank" are tossed out, you see the front page. Under his picture it says "Osmosis Jones in shock." But under that it's just gibberish.


Continuity mistake: When Shane is talking to her dad about going camping, when she stands up and says "I go where you wanna go..." you see a score ticker and "Oak 5 Sea 4" scrolls across. The shot changes and "Oak 5 Sea 4" scrolls across again.


Other mistake: While Osmosis is stranded on the false eyelash, he turns around and screams before Thrax even made his presence known behind him. His attack and Osmosis' response to it is completely out of sync. (01:21:00)

Audio problem: When Osmosis jumps up to take Leah from Thrax's grasp, there's a distinct punching noise even though all he did was grab Thrax's arm and move it. (01:17:50)

Audio problem: When Drix and Osmosis investigate The Zit and Osmosis prompts him to "shake a tail cell" he smacks his rear but there is no sound effect.

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Suggested correction: Jones never smacks Drix's rear. He just has his hands out as he's dancing a bit. His hand just happens to be behind Drix.


Osmosis: We were so poor, we lived off peanut butter and cellulite sandwiches! You ever try to blow-dry your hair with a fart?
Drix: OK, I get it. You were poor.
Osmosis: You bet I was! You ever try to make a snowman out of toilet paper cling-ons? Now that's poor!
Drix: OK, please, you're going to make me vomit!
Osmosis: Vomit? We couldn't afford no vomit; that's for rich folk.
Drix: Excuse me while I wipe my eyes.
Osmosis: Oh, you wanna talk about wiping?
Drix: No.

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Trivia: Thrax is like Morpheous from the Matrix trilogy. His black coat, black glasses and he is even voiced by Laurence Fishburne. In his end fight with Osmosis there is a very clear Matrix reference (the bullettime effect).

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Question: If Frank got Anthrax by eating the egg in the monkey's mouth, shouldn't that monkey have been dead anyway?

Answer: We are never told that the monkey was sick with the disease. The egg does fall out of the monkeys mouth and onto the ground where the virus could have easily been on the ground and it just happened to come into contact with the egg.

Answer: There are viruses that are specific to humans that will not infect chimpanzees and vice versa. Thrax is species specific to Homo sapiens.

It should be noted that anthrax isn't a virus but a bacterium. Anthrax can spread from infected animals to humans.


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