A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Corrected entry: When Freddy enters the dream of the boy in the hospital who makes puppets, he cuts down his arms and legs and pulls strings out of them. Blood goes everywhere, but when the boy is shown outside of the dream there are no cuts on his arms and no blood even though in the series what happens in your dream happens to you in real life.

Correction: Not in all cases. The only thing that always happens is if you die in the dream, you die in real life. The wheelchair kid was never found in real life killed by an evil chair. And the puppet kid was being controlled as if by strings.

Corrected entry: During the Taryn fight and reveal of the lost souls the filter for Freddy's voice isn't present, it's just Robert Englund's unaided voice.

Correction: This is either a recurring error throughout the movie, or not an error at all. Freddy's voice has a lower and higher pitch in different scenes... the Taryn scene you mentioned matches his voice on other lines like "feeling tongue tied," "you should listen to your mother" and "there's room for more." It's more likely is that the changing voice is a deliberate dream-like trait of Freddy in this movie.

Corrected entry: When the tricycle rolls into Kristen's room in the beginning of the dream she pulls Nancy into, there is a cork board on the wall with push-tacks in it. It would be assumed that a girl admitted into an institution for "attempted suicide" would not be allowed to have anything she could potentially harm herself with in her room. (00:19:25)


Correction: Because this is something that is happening in the dream world, it can't be considered a mistake.

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Corrected entry: In the first dream sequence of the film Patricia Arquette's character tells the little girl that her name is 'Kirsten'. However, she is credited as 'Kristen' and referred to as such throughout the rest of the film.

Correction: That's quite common in real life. I had a friend named Chirsta, but everyone called her Christa. People even called her Christa after seeing her driver's licence with the correctly spelled name.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Max is carrying Will to bed, you can see that the bottoms of Will's white socks are very dirty. How can this be if he can't walk?

Correction: We establish that what happens in the children's dreams with Freddy, happens in reality too. Will says he can walk in his dreams therefore his socks would get dirty, not only in his dreams, but in reality too.

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Corrected entry: From the first film we learn that after Freddy was killed Nancy's mother took his glove, so why does his skeleton have it in the junkyard?

Correction: We see in "Freddy's Dead" that Freddy had many gloves. One of them could have made its way to the grave with his bones.

Corrected entry: When Freddy pierces Taryn's arm with the heroin needles, some of them miss, but in the next shot all the needles are in Taryn's arm.

Correction: If you watch Freddy's hands after he attacks Taryn, you'll see him move all the needles that missed into place.

Corrected entry: Kristen's mother's hair is blonde, yet in the dream when Freddy rips off her head, and her head starts yelling at Kristen, her hair is grey (01:09:10)

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Correction: Kristen's mother's head WAS just cut off and it was a DREAM so her hair could have changed from blonde to grey after Freddy sliced it off.

Corrected entry: When Jennifer is picked up by Freddy and slammed into the TV, one of her slippers falls off. When Max enters the room and finds her, both slippers are on her feet. (00:38:10)

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Correction: She's dreaming when her slipper falls off. It doesn't fall off in reality.

Corrected entry: The group talks about Phillip's death. The doctor says Phillip's death was a sleepwalking accident, nothing more. Then the other doctor says it was suicide. How do you explain either situation when the door was padlocked with no way out to the very top of the building where Phillip fell? (00:33:15)

Correction: Because those doctors are delusional about what really happened. Anybody can say that it was just a sleepwalking accident, but someone like Nancy knows that Phillip was dreaming and could walk through the door thanks to Freddy. If Freddy can kill you in your dreams and it becomes real, how can anyone say that this isn't possible?

Visible crew/equipment: When the boy who wanted to be a wizard is being chased in his dream, they are in a dark tight corridor, and Freddy releases a chair with spikes on it to chase after the boy, but if you look you can clearly see the chair is being pulled with strings. (01:12:50)

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Trivia: When Jennifer is killed by having her head smashed into the TV-screen, Freddy was scripted as saying "This is it, Jennifer! Your big break on TV!" The scene was shot with that line for several takes. However, during another take, Robert England (Freddy) decided to improvise another line, and said "Welcome to primetime, bitch!" Director Chuck Russell loved both lines so much, he couldn't decide which to use in the film, so he ended up using both.

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Question: I saw this movie for the first time in years the other night, and I did not remember that Nancy was killed in this one. Is this the last nightmare film that she was in (other than the one where Freddy came to the real world and everybody played real names)?

Answer: Technically she was also in New Nightmare, both as the "Nancy" character and as the actress Heather in various scenes.

Technically the author said other than the one where Freddy came to the real world and everybody played real names. So therefore the 1st answer was accurate.


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