Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire (1992)

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Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, Jake drives a motorcycle out of the warehouse shoot-out and spins out as police cars converge on him. He has blood coming out of the right corner of his mouth, the shot changes, cuts back to him and the blood is on the left, then right again in the subsequent shot.

Revealing mistake: Right after Jake escapes from Tao's pinning him to the track towards the end, Tao is electrocuted, then falls to the tracks. When he stands up, he sees a train heading towards him. He cries out, sticks up his arms, and is hit by the train. In a quick shot just as the train hits, him, however, it is painfully obvious that it is actually a dummy that was placed in front of the train.

Revealing mistake: During the shootout with the police outside of the bar, Jake is inside, trying to fight his way out. When you first see him, he is taking on Serrano's right hand man and another guy. At one point, he jumps up, and a quick cut shows that he used both legs to kick the guy in the chest, sending him flying over the bannister. Look carefully, though - you can see that Jake actually just hopped up and then put his legs back onto the floor just before the shot cut to him kicking him in the chest.

Revealing mistake: Towards the end, when Jake is fighting Tao on the subway, there is a quick shot of Tao using a metal rod to keep Jake pinned to the train track as the train is coming. The train appears to be coming at normal speed, but watch the movements of Tao and Jake. It looks like you're watching a video tape that you forwarded while still watching it. It's obvious that they filmed the scene in slow motion and then sped up the film, yet Tao and Jake were moving at normal speed when they filmed it.

Audio problem: A few times during the restaurant shootout, especially with that turret gun that was disguised as a coat rack, you can see the gun firing, but there is no sound of gunfire. The music is still playing, but no gunshots are heard. This is also done earlier in the film when Daniels was shooting at Jake as he's running and jumping over the metal beams after escaping from the hotel room.

Continuity mistake: When you first see the picture that Jake drew of the woman in his art class, the dragon has no scales. But, when they show the close-up, the dragon now has scales drawn.

Visible crew/equipment: When agent Stuart brings Jake before Serrano, we see Serrano sitting at a table. In every shot of him sitting, you can see the shadow of the camera on the wall at the right.

Gavin Jackson

Continuity mistake: In the warehouse scene, Jake gets a gun off a bad guy. He hides behind a wall and fires a couple of shots. His gun locks back in the empty position. In the next frame, Jake starts shooting again with the same empty gun.

Agent Stuart: I want you to know, Jake, that I'm the only one who did this to myself, and to you. I want you to know that I take responsibility for my personal actions.
Jake Lo: This isn't EST, Frank.

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