Jewel of the Nile

Continuity mistake: At the party, Joan's editor asks for a whisky and right then the blonde next to Joanne and her partner with a grey suit swap positions. Also, his suit turns dark blue.

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Continuity mistake: At the party, a woman with a striped blouse flatters Joan while a woman lifts up a book. A frame later, after a brusque cut, the woman and book are gone and a lady with a white hat appears.

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Continuity mistake: Jack falls while water skiing and the position of the wave surrounding him has no continuity between the front and back angle.

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Omar: Jack is dead.
Joan Wilder: Don't be ridiculous! Jack would never die without telling me.
Omar: Nevertheless, he's dead.

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Question: Does anyone know where the idea for the Arab flag in the movie came from? Seems to me it resembles the Louisiana flag (the bird with the babies) except with no writing. Did anyone else notice this?

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