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Corrected entry: Joe jumps into the river and becomes trapped in the sinking bus. The pilot rescues him and we see Joe coughing on the shore of the river. Neither man appears wet in the next scene, having miraculously dried in a few moments.

Correction: The pilot states it's been over an hour in the hot summer sun and their clothes have dried in that hour. It was not a few moments.

Corrected entry: Joe leaves the gravesite with his wife's picture in hand. He reaches the cliff and jumps over: His wife's picture is no longer in his hand or his shirt pocket. When he wakes up after almost drowning, the picture is still not in his shirt pocket. Yet, when he reaches the village, he pulls it out, completely dry and intact.


Correction: He pulls it from his pants pocket at the village, not from his shirt.

Corrected entry: When Joe and his pilot's plane are landing, before it touches the ground we see a close-up of the native who is there to meet them. He is standing, and sports a green and yellow feather in his right ear. After the plane has landed and Joe and the pilot approach the natives, though, the feather is now sticking through the other ear.

Correction: Feathers are still there in every shot - just not as plainly from every angle.

Corrected entry: After the guide pulls Joe out of the bus, the guide waits for him to "come to". He tells Joe that he's been sleeping for about an hour, yet Joe's clothes are completely dry.


Correction: An hour is plenty of time for cotton clothes to dry after being in the water, especially in the hot weather in the rainforest.

Factual error: After Joe spends sometime underwater in the bus, he goes into the village and pulls a picture of his wife out of his pocket to show the village people. After getting that wet, a picture will not be intact, and it would pretty much be stuck together.


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Miriam: Take down the vacancy that says "Emily's ghost is welcome here." You got to do the hard stuff. Got to clean out closets and get on with your life without her.

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Trivia: When the movie shows that Joe is selling his house, there's a real estate sign. Notice carefully it says, "Curtiss Real Estate", this is named after the person at the credits "In Loving Memory of Katherine Ann Curtiss." (01:38:40)

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