Soul Survivors

Cassie is having an out of body expirence due to her head trauma...and has ended up in some sort of twilight nightmarish netherworld. A place occupied by embittered trapped lost souls...who capture then imprison or vapourise those stuck between life and death...a position Cassie is now currently in. Sean actually survived the car crash, Matt & Annabel did not, while Raven, Hideous Dancer & Deathmask were in the other car in the fatal road accident...Matt along with Annabel is aiding them because their stuck in this hell hole forever and Cassie is not...which really pisses them off (They also seem to blame Cassie for getting them killed or for still being alive). Which is why they are doing everything they can to ensure Cassie cannot leave (since they can't leave...than neither will she)...including the most extreme. Deathmask tries to destroy Cassie but she smashes a light bulb over his head than jabs it deep into his guts sending him splashing into a pool...dissolving into a pool of murky body fluids.Soon after Cassie is fending off strikes from other cursed local residents. Jude turns out to be a long dead priest who helps her too escape from this supernatural realm back into her body. she wakes up from the coma which she has been in for three weeks, Matt and her parents having been in attendance the whole time. They make it clear that all of her visions and experiences so it seems has been misinterpretations of reality while she was in a coma. While it seems more likely/obvious that they are correct, Cassie seems to know diffrent.

Continuity mistake: Raven, Annabel's androgynous-looking lover, has a tattoo of a cross on her right shoulderblade - you see this as she is walking away from the camera into the gothic rave club. However in the scene in the library where Cassie catches Annabel and Raven in a cinch, Raven turns over a few times and the tattoo has magically jumped from the right side of her upper back to her right collarbone (on her front).

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Dr. Haverston: There is no grade on this kind of test.

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Question: Why is the very first scene, before the audience is introduced to any of the four main characters, included? If it was just to show the creepy guys Cassie believes are chasing her, why not just keep it at the gothic rave?

Answer: I believe it's both a red herring (Oh, another slasher teen horror) and an attempt at making it more believeable that there are these killers chasing Cassie throughout her 'dream'.

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