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Corrected entry: When Manny gets shot by the Colombian, the Colombian is holding a pistol, but in the next shot he is holding a sub-machine gun, then back to the pistol, and so on in the scene.


Correction: The guy picks up Manolo's machine gun after shooting him.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, when Montana first comes out on to the balcony, he fires at an assassin directly below him, hiding behind a statue in the center of the room. This appears to be the exact spot where the pool is located at the end.

Correction: That statue is actually not the one you are thinking of. That statue is surrounded by a seating area like a couch and is towards the middle of the room. The one you are talking about is the world is yours statue that is right below the balcony with a small fountain type pool in front of it that he falls into.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tony shoots Hector, look closely and you will see that when Hector falls down right after he gets shot, there's no blood on the ground. But in the next shot about a half of a second later, it's filled with blood around Hector's head. (00:19:50)


Correction: This is entirely plausible. A wound does not necessarily begin bleeding immediately. I cut the heel of my hand to the bone, and it took a good 10-15 seconds before it bled profusely.


Corrected entry: In the scene when they go for the drug deal with Hector, Manolo and Chi Chi decide to go in. They both load machine guns and head to the motel. Manolo breaks in with his machine gun, and Chi Chi comes in about a minute later with a different gun (a revolver).

MIke Newell

Correction: I just watched the scene and Chi Chi did place a revolver in his vest as he and Manny was getting out of the car.

Corrected entry: When Al Pacino, in the Babylon Club, tells Frank that the only thing that gives orders in this world is balls, Frank and Evira leave eventually. Then Manny sits with Al and Al blames Frank for setting him up to grease Mel the detective. Steven asks how he knows this, to which Al replies, "Who else knew about Ribenga? Omar?" If you go to the beginning of the film Al discusses the Ribenga hit with Omar when Omar is in the car near the sandwich place.

Correction: So where's the plot hole? Tony was saying that Omar was dead and could not have set him up, but Frank could.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Tony is being questioned by the police after being picked up for being caught on film counting money, the policeman asks him about the murder at the Sun Ray Motel. The murders occurred at the Carlyle, not Sun Ray. You can see the hotel's name when Tony and Manny drive up to make the drug deal.

Correction: The Carlyle is on the corner of the street they turn right on. This is not the hotel they entered. Tony and his crew drive at least one full block before making the U turn and parking across from the hotel. Furthermore, in the crane shot leading from the bathroom window to the car across the street, we can see part of the motel sign reads: "R-A-Y".

Corrected entry: Tony's scar changes size, shape, direction, and color through out the movie and sometimes isn't even there.

Correction: The scar doesn't change at all. It's because of the light that it looks bigger or smaller or that it looks like it has another colour.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are pulling up to the motel for the drug connection, they do a U-Turn at the intersection. On the corner there is a USA Today newspaper machine. That newspaper wasn't developed until 1982....years after the sequence in the movie was to have taken place.

Correction: I know that USA Today did not come into being until 1982 however, the Mariel Boatlift started about May 1980, continuing for a while. How are we to know for sure if the timeline for the motel was not perhaps a year or so later? We really do not know how long Tony and Al worked at the Cuban cafe before Omar showed up with the deal to be made.

Corrected entry: In the New York scene, Tony is following the politician's car. However, he never stops for a red light and runs at least one red light without having to avoid any oncoming cars.

Correction: They only run one red-light - to keep up with the car they're following - and immediately afterwards there is the sound of other cars hooting. This scene looks and sounds realistic.


Corrected entry: During the first deal that goes wrong a guy gets chained to the pipe above the bath tub then decapitated by the chansaw. After that Al Pacino gets chained to the pipe. While the Columbian is starting the chainsaw he gets shot up. In the next scene Al Pacino isn't chained to the pipe. He grabs the guy with the gun and there are no handcuffs around his wrists.

Correction: Tony's hands aren't cuffed. The chain is wrapped around his wrists and held by one of the Columbians. The chain loosens when the Columbian gets shot.

Corrected entry: When we first see Tony and Manny working in the USA in the food store Manny's customer makes a very interesting Spanish comment, if you translate the Spanish subtitles into English you will find a very interesting referral to Al Pachino's acting career.

Correction: Unless the translated comment is provided, this entry should not be considered trivia.

Jane Doe

Visible crew/equipment: When the first deal goes wrong and the man with the chainsaw jumps out the window you can clearly see him land on a grey crash mat because it lifts up at the corners. (00:27:55)

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Trivia: The Playstation 2/PC game "Grand Theft Auto - Vice City" by Rockstar Games is modeled on Scarface; the mansion, cars, environment, buildings, the Babylon Club ('Malibu Club' in the game), and even some of the game scenarios are similar (for instance, taking over the mansion and chainsaw scenes).

Isabel C DeLucia

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Question: When they were about to blow up the one guy's car but wouldn't because his wife and kids got in it, I was wonder what kind of car was that the target was in?

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: '72 Citroen DS 21.

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