Trivia: Universal Pictures originally wanted Bela Lugosi to play Frankenstein's monster since he had done such a great job playing Count Dracula earlier that year. But Bela turned the role down because he did not want to be 'hidden' under all that make-up. Yet 12 years later, Bela would play Frankenstein's monster in 1943 film 'Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man'.

Trivia: After the movie was released into theaters, some scenes were cut because they were too controversial at the time. Scenes like the little girl drowning after the monster accidentally throws her into the water. Henry Frankenstein's line of "It's Alive. It's Alive. It's Alive. In the name of God, now I know what it feels like to be God." was also cut because it was deemed too blasphemous. Also the scene where the hunchback is torturing the monster with a torch was given the axe, as well as the scene where the monster tries to attack Elizabeth (but only in England). These scenes were added back into the film many years later when the movie was re-released on VHS (and later on DVD).

Trivia: In the novel the main character is named Victor not Henry - his helper in this movie has that name, a reference to the book maybe.


Revealing mistake: There is a large painted hanging cloth backdrop of clouds in the mountain scenes near the end of the film. Vertical streaks can be seen in the backdrop that are the pleats in the fabric. These streaks really stand out in the restored versions of the film.

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Doctor Waldman: You have created a monster, and it will destroy you.

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Answer: By the third film, the original "Baron Frankenstein," played by Frederick Kerr is supposed to have died. Therefore, his son Henry had inherited the title of "Baron Frankenstein," and as part of Germanic aristocratic inheritance this automatically places a "von" between the Christian name and Surname of the holder. This in turn has happened when Henry died and Wolf took up the Baronetcy.

David Mercier

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