Factual error: The year is 1969 when they steal the first aircraft (single engine Cessna), and there is a 757 taking off in the background. The 757 first flew on 02-19-82. (00:22:05)

Factual error: There is a reference to Hampshire College in a section of the film dealing with opening the drug trade on the east coast. The date is 1968 when the event occurs. Hampshire College was not founded until 1970.

Factual error: When George and Tuna travel to Mexico early in the film (set in late 60s at this point) they go to a plantation to buy marijuana. They arrive there in a Volkswagen bus, but this model was manufactured after 1972, known to enthusiasts as a "late bay".

Factual error: When George goes to meet Pablo Escobar, Pablo and George speak in English. As far as I know, the real Pablo Escobar spoke little or no English; certainly not enough to hold a conversation.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where George is in California measuring the purity of the cocaine there is a topless woman with a blue bikini bottom in the background. The trouble is in the first shot she walks from right to left and sits down and then in the second shot she again walks from right to left and proceeds to sit in a different chair. This all happens within the span of a few seconds.

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Diego Delgado: You failed because you had the wrong dream... What do you know about cocaine?

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Trivia: George Jung's daughter, Kristina, had a bit part as a clerk but her scene was cut.

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Question: Considering how small her role was (in relation to the film's running time), why did Penelope Cruz earn second billing behind Johnny Depp?

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Chosen answer: A star's screen time does not equate to what position they are billed at on a film. It generally relates to the selling power of their name. The film's main star would obviously be Depp. Cruz however would still be higher than people like Liotta, Reubens, etc. as her name is more known. It also helps with selling the film to audiences than just a one actor film.

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