Kissing A Fool

Kissing A Fool (1998)


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Max Abbitt: True love cannot be found where it does not truly exist, nor can it be hidden where it truly does.

Jay Murphy: It's hard to tell how many emotions were real and how many were manufactured just to get the other person to bring over more pot.

Max Abbitt: I thought we agreed not to set each other up anymore.
Jay Murphy: No, I agreed not to let you set me up anymore after that girl who you said was perfect for me tied me up and came out with that hood and cane and offered to beat the shit out of me.

Jay Murphy: Why would I set you up with some girl that I banged?
Max Abbitt: Share the wealth, brother.

Continuity mistake: When Max is moving into Sam's house, Sam's cousin Andrea is standing on the stairs. There are about 15 different shots of Andrea standing there, and her backpack constantly shifts from being on one shoulder to both, back and forth.

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