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Corrected entry: Go to the Features menu and hit more. Then hit Universal Studios and it will give you a complete map of the Universal Back Lot. Try and click some of the places and you'll get a clip from the movie and in that clip you'll see the actual place that you clicked on.


Correction: This is not a easter egg! These are instructions for what you are supposed to do in the Features menu.

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Corrected entry: Towards the end, when Marty Wolf is chasing after Jason and Kaylee, he spots an empty buggy nearby and races toward it. There are a few people standing in front of it and he pushes them out of the way as he hops in. In the next shot (which is a long shot of the scene), Marty begins to drive off, but the people that he just pushed out of the way have disappeared.

Correction: Marty pushes one man and one woman aside, jumps into the golf cart, and in the next shot as he shouts, "I'm coming Funnybones," the perplexed woman is seen walking from the left of the screen (the man is out of shot) towards Marty, who is driving away in the cart. No continuity error here.

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Corrected entry: Towards the beginning of the movie, Jason is seen riding his skateboard on a leaf-covered sidewalk, implying that it is autumn. But since he fails English he has to go to summer school, which makes the season the early summer.

Correction: At the start of the movie, the ground is covered in leaves, and also note that the characters are wearing jackets, knit caps, sweaters and other cold weather apparel, so yes, it is in fact fall. When Ms. Caldwell is speaking with Jason and his parents she explains that the essay counts as 1/3 of his final grade and without it he will fail the course and repeat the class in summer school. After she agrees to give him one chance to make it up, when he doesn't make the 6:00pm deadline with the missing essay his fate is sealed. By the time he starts summer school (note everyone's summery clothing now) 6-7 months have passed, and in that time the movie Marty had been in Jason's hometown shooting months earlier has been cut, edited and is now set for its premiere.

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Corrected entry: During the birthday party, Marty is holding a kid with a backwards cap upside down. He drops the kid and about 10 seconds later, the kid is on the railing from the second floor. There wasn't enough time for the kid to stand up, run to the staircase, and climb onto the railing.

Correction: When the kids are beating Marty up, the staircase is literally right next to the boy. There is certainly enough time for him to quickly run up the stairs and climb over the railing.

Corrected entry: When Marty is first getting ready for the beginning of the movie shoot, he is holding up clothes and he is still blue with orange hair. In the next scene when he is going to the limo, he tells Monty he was up all night with a scrub brush and a can of turpentine. The scene with him picking out the outfit was in the morning, so if he was up all night, wouldn't he have already cleaned the blue and orange off?

Correction: You're mistaken about the timing/sequence of events. When Monty relieves Rocco (who has been "babysitting" Kaylee and Jason) it is still the night before the first day of the movie shoot. It's at this point it begins to cut back and forth between shots of blue-Marty (and Mr. Funnybones), who begins his quest of the perfect outfit for the next morning, and shots of Jason and Kaylee, who only just begin their instruction of the "troops". In the final shots of blue-Marty and Jason, when they both say, "It's showtime," it is still nighttime, each still has more work to do that night which we needn't see onscreen - Jason needed to go through specific details of the plan with the group and blue-Marty "spent half the night with a scrub brush and a can of turpentine". In fact, the last outfit we see blue-Marty trying on is not the outfit he is actually wearing the next morning, when Frank picks him up.

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Corrected entry: How did Marty not realise his palm-top was missing, considering the temper-tantrum he was throwing the last time he lost it?

Correction: He was frustrated with Jason that he didn't realize that it was taken.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Marty Wolf looks at the clown invitation, (during the stunt demonstration), he rips it into half, with a ripping noise. However, when he throws them on the ground, they are seen as quarters. There was no sound or action of another rip.

Correction: The invitation is in two pieces.

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Correction: The back of the phone is closed, so you can't tell.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Kaylie is talking to Monty about Duncan's "address change" she says Maple DRIVE while, if you get close to the screen, it says Maple STREET.

Correction: It says DRIVE, not SREET.

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Corrected entry: When Jason's teacher is done calling the cell phone, she comes in immediately after she hangs up. It would take a little while for her to come in.

Correction: There are two possible explanations for this. A: We have no idea where the phone is, so it could be right outside the room, or B: The usual movie trick of not showing every second of the story.

Corrected entry: When Jason's Dad calls Jason his Dad asks what the noise is in the background. Jason tells his Dad "Oh, its a project for science class, it has to do with bells and ball berrings." Why would he be doing a science project in the summer. I know he is in summer school but he is in there for English not Science.


Correction: While this is true, the reason he said that was probably because he had to think on his feet for a reason for all the bells, and could think of no better excuse than the "it's a science project" fib.

Corrected entry: Marty Wolf still had to meet with the president to confirm production/filming. So why are they showing the teaser trailer if Marty still doesn't know whether or not he can actually start making the film?

Correction: To create buzz.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marty swims in his pool and gets dyed blue, he swims one lap and then lifts himself out of the pool and spits out the water in his mouth. If his body was dyed blue in that short of a time, wouldn't his tongue be blue as well? (00:41:28)

Correction: Actually, the particles inside the mouth don't get so easily affected by dye as the rest of the body. It's the skin that gets a quick effect with dye on it and the tongue isn't covered with skin, so the dye doesn't stick to it as easily.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie all of the camera crews appear out of nowhere. In one shot we can see past Jason (a balcony with no one on it), then it cuts to Marty and then to some camera crews then to Jason again and suddenly there's a camera crew on a balcony.

Correction: It's done on purpose. So as not to alert Marty to the plan.


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Continuity mistake: During Marty's drive to the bogus address, when he is done speaking with Monty, just as he says, "Wolf out!" he pulls the phone wire and the earpiece actually pops out of his ear, but in all of the following shots that earpiece is still in his ear. Since the super-glued earpiece is one of the main plot points, this is bizarre to say the least. (00:44:25)

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Marty Wolf: First lesson in Hollywood, sweetheart: Always get it in writing.

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Trivia: Director Shawn Levy has a cameo during the "Whitaker and Fowl" party after the premiere, as the first guest bashing Marty's movie. (00:52:50)

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