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Corrected entry: After Wild Bill has crashlanded and prepares to parachute - unaware that he is back on terra firma - he yells 'Kamikaze'. This term wasn't known to the Allies until it became synonymous with the Japanese suicide pilots first employed in late 1944. How could he know it three years in advance?

Corrected entry: When the big wheel is fired upon by the Japanese submarine it becomes detached and rolls down the pier. The lights on the wheel are still lit even when it falls into the sea. Where is it getting its power from?

Correction: As the Ferris wheel rolls down the pier, there is a brief shot of a cable reeling off as it goes. I could be wrong, but this could be the wheel's power cable.

Corrected entry: Christopher Lee's character is thrown into the ocean and we presume that he dies. Slim Pickens' character is last seen escaping from the U-boat as it is submerging and is never seen again. But if you watch at the very end of the movie, after the house has fallen and Ackroyd says, "I think the really big year for the war is going to be 1942," Christopher Lee and Slim Pickens can both be seen in the crowd.

Mark Bernhard

Correction: It takes a lot of organisation and planning to get actors onto a film location, especially highly paid, featured actors like Christopher Lee and Slim Pickens. If they were there, they were meant to be. Maybe they swam ashore and survived after all?

Corrected entry: In the scene where 'Hollis' Wood is being taken on board the Japanese sub, his captors can't fit Hollis' large radio into the portal because the wood cabinet gets in the way no matter what they do. A couple of scenes later, after the Japanese tore his radio apart to the bare workings, Hollis makes good his escape from the sub and is seen clutching his beloved radio, totally intact in its cabinet, and is wondering which way the beach was. The sub was beginning to dive as he escaped the portal and he mysteriously found time to put his radio back together? Hmmmm...

Correction: Hollis isn't holding the whole radio, he is holding the wooden case without the parts inside.

Continuity mistake: As the two look-outs get on the big wheel the thin guy with the ventriloquist's dummy sits on the right. But later in the film he is on the left.

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Raoul Lipschitz: I'd like to thank all the GI's for helping make tonight's evening such a... a memorable occasion. Maybe in the future we can have some Negroes come in and we'll stage a race riot... right here.

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Trivia: A number of racial slurs are used, just as they would have been in 1941. Amazingly, the film was released in Japan with Japanese subtitles. However, whenever someone used a derogatory slur, the subtitle simply translated it as "Nihon-jin" (Japanese Person).

Mark Bernhard

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